Erk Pod 195 – Erk on Interstate 90 (again!)

[Download episode – 40ish minutes]


Welcome to episode 195 of Erk Pod. Once again (!) recorded from Interstate 90, Erk shares his experiences since leaving the Wasting Time podcast complex including downtown Chicago, strange tolling systems, Niagara Falls and of course I-90. Actually I have been on I-90 pretty much since Washington State, through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennslyvannia & now New York State. And did I mention the tolls?


Find out what happens when Murphy’s Law combined with FAIL and Erk’s Navman get together just when Erk thought the episode was going to be over……


If you are still wondering where Erk Pod 192 is, you will find it on this website and not in the Channel Erk & Erk Pod feeds. It is the episode that was originally Wasting Time podcast episode 84. Due to the length of the show (2 hours) and the fact that many Erk Pod/Channel Erk listeners also listen to the Wasting Time podcast, I will not make you double dip for the same content on both feeds. If however you would like to listen to it or download it, you can download it via the show notes.


The next show will be Erk Pod 196. It will be an Emergency Services special with an extended chat with Rick Russotti from the Mitigatiion Journal podcast commenting from the point of view of the “All Hazards Approach” to Emergency Management & Preparedness. The second half of the episode (not yet recorded) is planned to feature Jamie the Podmedic from the MedicCast. Therefore episode 196 will be held back until Erk arrives at the MedicCast studios soon and the next episode of Erk Pod you will hear is episode 197 from New York City.


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