The Balticon Special That Never Ends – Erk Pod 203 & 204

Welcome to this two part special recorded at Balticon 43 on the weekend of 22-25 May 2009. This special features a whose who of podcasters and podiobook authors (who are authors in their own right) who attended the Con.


Many topics were raised in relation to podcasting, writing, social media and a lot more. Extended interviews with several of the guests will be recorded once Erk returns to Australia. As this was a working Convention, time was very limited so you have many shorter interviews which were a lot of fun to do. While I was familiar with the work of some of the guests, there were some people who were introduced to me and I was interviewing them a couple of minutes later.


Part 1

[Download episode 203 – 65 minutes]


In this part Erk Pod & part Echo Romeo Kilo episode, Erk speaks with the following people:




[Download episode – 135 minutes]


Part 2 is a long episode but it completely full of interviews and not Erk walking around the Con. Interviewees, promos & songs are:


  • R Allen Leider, author of Wicca Girl
  • PROMO: I Should Be Writing podcast by Mur Lafferty
  • Peter Prellwitz, creator of the Shards Universe
  • PROMO: Nina Kimberly the Merciless by Christiana Ellis,
  • Richard White, media tie-in author
  • FLASHBACK: Highlights of the Double Trouble interview last year on Erk Pod Round Table 7 with Erk, Drue the co-host, Orange Tim, Tee Morris & Pip Ballantine
  • Scott Sigler, author & podcaster of various books including Infected, Contagious, Noctural & The Rookie
  • PROMO: Personal Effects: Dark Art by JC Hutchins
  • Devo Spice from The FuMP (Funny Music Project)
  • SONG: Why Are You Friending Me On Facebook? – Devo Spice/The FuMP
  • Mur Lafferty, author & podcaster including I Should Be Writing, Playing For Keeps & the Heaven series 
  • PROMO: The Uber Nemesis part 1
  • Evo Terra, co-founder of, co-writer of Podcasting For Dummies and host of the Evo at 11 podcast.
  • PROMO: Blast From The Past podcast with Erk & Erk;s mum Judy.
  • JR Blackwell – author, podcaster & photographer. And yes folks, that is her on the front cover of Pitcher’s Pendant by Tee Morris!
  • PROMO: The Uber Nemesis part 2
  • Tee Morris, author, podcaster and Uber Nemesis of all podcast authors.
  • JC Hutchins, author & podcaster of the 7th Son series as well as his new book Personal Effects: Dark Arts.
  • PG Holyfield, podcaster & author of Avedon Hill which was nicknamed “the podcast novel that never ends.”

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