Erk’s chat with JC Hutchins at Balticon

Like many of  the podiobook authors I had heard of, I heard about JC Hutchins through other podcasters.

The first full interview which really sticks inside my head was one between JC and Stephen from the Tea & Chat podcast (come back soon, man!). I then went out and listened to JC’s UltraCreatives interview series and followed him on Twitter.

But it wasn’t until the current American trip that I devoted a lot of time listening to podiobooks. I listened to all 3 seasons of 7th Son and really enjoyed that. Then at Balticon 43, I got to meet and chat with the man himself after his book launch for Personal Effects: Dark Art.

Here is the section of Erk’s “Balticon Special That Never Ends” featuring Erk chatting with JC recorded soon after the book launch.

[JC Hutchins’ website]

[Download interview]


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