Erk’s Balticon 43 chat with PG Holyfield

This man is proof that as a podcaster and a podcast author, it’s good to get your voice heard as widely as possible. While I had heard PG Holyfield’s name around the writing podosphere, it was a talk podcast that made me go out and download his work.


At the start of most episodes of Evo at 11, PG would tell us what he had learned from the previous episode.  And it is PG that gave me the brainstorm for the title of my Balticon special.


Two years ago, Erk started Erk Pod and Erk to the Diary Room. Around the same time, PG started podcasting his murder mystery “Murder at Avedon Hill”. Two years later, Erk is interviewing PG about the end of MaAH which has since been called with affection “The Podiobook That Never Ends.”


Having said that, sometimes being late to the party has it’s advantages. Instead of Erk having to wait 2-3 or 4 weeks to find out what happens after a Holyfield cliffhanger, it would be 2 to 3 minutes.


This interview was the most fitting end to the weekend at Balticon. You can hear the entire  “Balticon Special That Never Ends” as Erk Pod episodes 203 & 204.


[PG Holyfield’s website]

[Download interview]


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