Erk’s Balticon chat with Christiana Ellis

Sunday seemed to be book launch day at Balticon 43.  Bright and earlyish on Sunday morning, my first interviewee of the day was Christiana Ellis. Later that night, she would launch her new book Nina Kimberly the Merciless.


Erk now has a signed copy of the book to read on the plane (or when he gets home) which promises to be enjoyable. So what is it like to see your name on the front cover of your own book for the first time? You’ll have to listen to Christiana’s answer – I think that would make her a “glass is half full” type of person rather than a “glass is half empty”.


Apart from the book and related podcast, you can hear Christiana’s voice on her other podcasts as well as on other podiobooks.

[Christiana’s website]

[Download interview]


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