Erk Pod 205 – Southern Erk & Friends. Show Notes

[Download episode – 60 minutes]

Welcome to episode 205 of Erk Pod. This episode was recorded in two stages.

The episode starts in San Antonio, Texas. Erk is chatting with Jennifer (@epodcaster on Twitter) who founded NaPodPoMo (National Podcasting Post Month) that Erk, Drue, Orange Tim and Squeak took part in last year. She also is currently co-hosting Tech In Twenty. During the chat, we talk Texas, podcasting and a lot more as we walk and talk our way through San Antonio.

The episode then moves across to southern California and the last interviewee of Erk’s American trip, Megan aka Podcast Junky (not surprisingly, @podcastjunky on Twitter). We find out what’s on Megan’s iPod, visiting Disneyland, what Erk didn’t get to see in SoCal and more. Apart from being a Podcast Junky, Megan also produces her own podcast where she tells us what ¬†is on her iPod.


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One response to “Erk Pod 205 – Southern Erk & Friends. Show Notes

  1. Wow! I guess this brings the chronicling of Erk’s Great American Walkabout (or Driveabout) to a close. By the tweets I saw going back and forth, I didn’t think you would get a chance to meet up with Megan at the end of it. Glad you did. She’s great.

    Talli and I weren’t shocked that you two would discuss podcasts, but we were surprised that we both got a mention. Always nice to be remembered. :) I’d personally love to see what’s on Megan’s iPod because I don’t know anyone that even attempts to listen to as many podcasts as she does. She truly earned her moniker.

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