This is a page featuring all of the guests/panelists on Erk Pod. Some guests have promos based on some of their time on Erk Pod. More guests photos and promos will be added over time. If you would like to be a guest on Erk Pod, please let me know.

Leigh the Voice Over Guy

Leigh the Voice Over Guy Promo, Round Table 5

[Right click to download promo]

[Follow Leigh the Voice Over Guy on Twitter – @thevoiceoverguy]

Leigh the Voice Over Guy (above before episode 113) has appeared on Erk Pod Round Table 1& 12  (via phone), Erk Pod Round Table 3, 5, 6, 8, 10 & 11 (in the studio), Erk Pod Maxi episode 100 (by phone) & 113 (in studio). As his name suggests, has supplied a lot of his voice for some Erk Pod promos and intros. Having recently left full time employment in the radio industry after presenting & panelling programs as well as working in syndication and network operations, Leigh has been a constant source of encouragement and advice for Erk in the production of Erk Pod. Leigh has recently joined the railway family in Train Planning.


[Right click to download promo]

[Right click to download promo]

[Follow Squeak on Twitter – @squeakaz]

Squeak (above) has been a long time supporter of Erk Pod and a personal friend for some years. He is another train driver and is also a colleague with me in Communications with the NSW Rural Fire Service where we have spent a lot of time working together.

Squeak has been a long term listener to Erk Pod. Episode 49 was recorded in his home office and it was the first episode of Erk Pod not recorded at Erk Pod HQ. He made his first appearance on episode 66 but the his audio was not the best. He returned for Erk Pod Round Tables 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 11 as well as on episodes 89, 113 & 146. Squeak had his own podcast that lasted one episode called “Squeak Pod” but he would rather be a guest on Erk Pod! Having said that, Squeak has his own show commencing in November for NaPodPoMo called “A Podcast for November”.


[Right click to download promo]

[Right click to download promo]

[Follow Richard on Twitter – @rgspro]

Richard (above) is the host of the Wasting Time podcast. He lives in Chicago and he’ll tell you that if you don’t like Chicago’s weather, wait 15 minutes. I had an extended chat with Richard on Erk Pod episodes 77 & 78 and he also took part in all of the Round Tables since Round Table 2. He has played an Erk Pod produced promo to open his show and there has been constant cross-promotion between our podcasts and our light hearted banter is great. We don’t see ourselves as competing for listeners which is great! Now we are having “video challenges” as well which have been a lot of fun.

BJ the Research Guy

BJ the Research Guy – Round Table 5

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[Follow BJ the Research Guy on Twitter – @tangararama]

BJ (above after episode 89) is another member of the railway family as a fellow train driver. Like Erk, he drives a Subaru Forester. He lives on the Central Coast of NSW and enjoys going to the beach. BJ made his Erk Pod debut on Round Table 2 calling from his train and made his studio debut on episode 89. He also took part in Round Table 3, 5 & 11 via Skype. We spoke to him on Erk Pod Maxi episode 100. Along with Orange Tim, BJ has been a constant provider of feedback, research and article finding for us. From Erk Pod Round Table 5, BJ is now known as BJ the Research Guy. He also hosted Erk & Drue on their road trip to the Central Coast which featured episode 112, Beach Pod.

Orange Tim

[Right click to download promo]

Orange Tim Promo – Round Table 5

[Follow Orange Tim on Twitter – @orangetim]

Orange Tim appeared in episode 90 via Skype and we met through our mutual interest in Emergency Services operations and photography. I call him Orange Tim because I know at least 3 people called Tim in different ways. He is a volunteer with the State Emergency Service (hence the orange name, they dress in orange while on the job) and he is also a nurse. He was going to appear in Erk Pod Round Table 3 but had to pull out at the last minute. After this, Tim appeared on episodes 97 & 98 in the Erk Pod Studio and made his Round Table debut via Skype on Erk Pod Round Table 4. His first in studio appearance on a Round Table was Round Table 5 and he has appeared on all subsequent Round Tables either in the studio or via phone. Also during episode 113, we called Tim during the episode for a medical question. He also appeared on episodes 123, 124, 145 & 146. Tim now has his own show since NaPodPoMo called “Despatches from Agent Orange”.

Ben the Podcast Trader

[Right click to download promo]

[Right click to download promo]

[Follow Ben on Twitter – @bendurbubble]

Ben has been invaluable behind the scenes of Erk Pod and he also promotes the show often amongst his circle of influence. He made a short appearance during Erk Pod Maxi episode 100 – Erk Pod Live. Since then, he has made some appearances on Erk to the Diary Room and with Drue is now a co-host on that podcast. Ben made his Erk Pod Round Table debut on Round Table 5 after stepping up into Leigh the Voice Over Guy’s seat. He also appeared on Erk Pod Maxi episode 110 & Round Table 11. On later episodes, you might hear a short cameo from Ben. From November, Ben is co-hosting “Da Novemba Advencha” with Drue.


[Follow Nathan on Twitter – @nather]

Nathan has been a long time listener and was venue host and a guest for Round Table 2. He also appears at the start and finish of Round Table 3. He also joined us for Erk Pod Round Table 4, 6, 8 & 9. I hope to have Nathan on board for an regular episode soon. I know Nathan (again!) by doing Communications with the NSW Rural Fire Service and he is an excellent go to man for audio issues. You often do not hear Nathan on a Round Table but he is often there behind the scenes giving audio feedback and troubleshooting.


[Right click to download promo]

Natalie wins the prize for the first lady to appear on Erk Pod. Natalie’s debut was on Round Table 3. I found her via her blog The Bruising Adventures of Girl Clumsy. Natalie is a freelancer writer, journalist and newsreader in Brisbane. She took part in her first media scrum recently and enjoyed every second of it! Erk also interviewed Natalie for Erk Pod Maxi episode 118.

Shawno & Jen

[Right click to download promo]

[Follow Shawno on Twitter – @shawno]

[Follow Jen on Twitter – @QueenofHakiu]

Shawno & Jen – Shawno and Jen are the hosts of the Hyper Nonsense podcast. Based in California, Hyper Nonsense is a similar style of show to Erk Pod. An Erk Pod promo was played on HN episode 112. Erk made an appearance on Hyper Nonsense Live episode 113 which was Shawno’s and Jen’s dry run for Erk Pod Round Table 5 where they made their Erk Pod debuts. Since then, Shawno & Jen have joined us for all Round Tables except for 7. Erk also appeared on Hyper Nonsense episode 133 with Shawno.


Tee has been a great help to Erk via his two podcasting books “Podcasting for Dummies” and “Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies” that he co-wrote with Evo Terra. Tee is a podcaster and an author who Erk interviewed as to open Round Table 7 to promote his new book and the “Double Trouble” promotion. Tee then stayed on beyond the interview and contributed other parts of the Round Table as well. Tee also returned for Round Table 10.

[Tee’s official site] [Follow Tee on Twitter – @TeeMonster]


Pip is Erk Pod’s first guest from New Zealand on Round Table 7. Also an author and a podcaster, Pip joined Tee as a part of the “Double Trouble” promotion. Like Tee, Pip stayed around after the interview to contribute to other parts of the Round Table. Pip also returned for Round Table 10.

[Pip’s podcast “Whispers At The Edge] [Follow Pip on Twitter – @PhilippaJane]


Stephen is the host of the Tea and Chat podcast. It was hearing Tee and Pip on his podcast that prompted me to ask them to appear on Erk Pod. Stephen pulled an all nighter while making his Erk Pod debut on Round Table 10. Stephen is the first Irishman to appear on Erk Pod.

[Tea and Chat podcast]

[Follow Stephen on Twitter – @stephenkil]

Jamie the Podmedic

Jamie is the host of the MedicCast podcast. Apart from the MedicCast he produces a range of other podcasts in his fields of experience. Jamie is a volunteer EMT (think Ambulance Officer, Australians) in the US and he is almost ready to become a Registered Nurse. Jamie interviewed me for his show (MedicCast episode 111 and Erk Pod episode 83) and then I interviewed him (Erk Pod episode 84). Jamie arrived to do Erk Pod Round Table 4 but we had some Skype issues so Jamie was only able to make a short appearance before returning for Round Table 11 & 12. During Round Table 12, Jamie was called out to attend a Motor Vehicle Accident in his volunteer role as a Paramedic.

Rodney Farva

Rod made a brief appearance at the end of Round Table 3. He would have been earlier but there was smoke coming from his computer! Rod is nicknamed Farva due to his then likeness to the Super Trooper character Rodney Farva. I know Rod through our involvement in Communications and firefighting in the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Mr Westinghouse

[Right click to download promo]

[Right click to download promo]

Mr Westinghouse is yet another train driver and also Communications member in the NSW Rural Fire Service. He made his Erk Pod debut on Round Table 3 via Skype and joined us in the studio for Erk Pod Round Table 4. Currently living in Newcastle after some time living in western Sydney, you can take Mr Westinghouse out of Newcastle but you can’t take the Newcastle out of Mr Westinghouse. He is wearing a special Erk designed custom shirt that a lot of my friends received in 2007.


Amy (who I know through Ben) first appeared on an episode of Erk to the Diary Room before making her Erk Pod debut on Erk Pod Maxi episode 110. Amy is the first female in-studio guest to appear on Erk Pod but not the first female guest.


EOPS Dude (right, pictured with Erk) so far has the unwanted prize of the shortest appearance on Erk Pod during Round Table 3. Hopefully EOPS Dude will be able to appear soon. His real Erk Pod Round Table debut was during Erk Pod Round Table 6. He is known as EOPS Dude due to his background in Emergency Management and Operations and is a colleague of Erk in Communications in the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Pete the Workie

Pete the Workie (above, doing some bowling) made his debut at the start of Round Table 3 live and direct from Burwood Westiefield. He returned on Skype for a longer appearance on Erk Pod Round Table 4. Pete tried to be a part of Round Table 6 but we had some audio issues. Another member of the railway family, Pete and I have done similar roles throughout most of Pete’s railway career in railway security and law enforcement. Hopefully Pete will be able to make another appearance soon.

OG (just an “Ordinary Guy”!)

OG (otherwise known as Ordinary Guy) is the host of the Brains Matter podcast and was Erk’s very first interview subject on episode 72. OG’s podcast is about science and curiosity and has many excellent guests on his show including an Australian of the Year and a Nobel Peace Prize winner. OG taught me that there are other Nobel Prizes apart for Peace. I am also hoping to get OG onto a Round Table, which he did during Round Table 6.


[Geek Girl Blogs podcast] [Follow Catherine on Twitter – @ceibner]

Catherine runs her IT company Cybner and has started a podcast aimed at women in the IT industry that Erk has been assisting her with. Catherine made her Erk Pod debut on Round Table 7, speaking at length about women in IT and also contributing to general discussion.

Luke “Dizzystuff”

Luke & Erk know each other through social networking site Twitter and also a mutual love of the Triple M radio program “Get This” that was axed in 2007. Luke has now moved to Sydney which he is quite excited about! Luke appeared on Erk Pod Round Table 8 and appeared on 2 episodes of Erk’s new podcast Echo Romeo Kilo One One. He made his in studio debut for Round Table 12.

[Follow Luke on Twitter – @dizzystuff]

Big Jay

[Follow Big Jay on Twitter – @bigjay05]

As you will hear on Big Jay’s Erk Pod debut on Round Table 8, Erk and Big Jay go back a long way. They have played cricket together, went to school together, played ten pin bowling together, been members of the NSW Rural Fire Service together and now have podcasted together.


Erk and Drue have been chatting with Jim via Twitter and he made a rather long (but excellent) comment on a blog post that became a large part of episode 146. Jim made his Erk Pod debut on Round Table 10 pulling an all nighter from his home in the UK.

Other Guests

There will be more details about (and hopefully pics of!) the following Erk Pod Guests shortly.


Tom is one of the reasons I started podcasting in the first place. I first heard him produce a podcast with his sisters Lara & Marie called “Big Brother Weekly” in 2007. I thought that I could do that and Erk Pod and Erk to the Diary Room were born. When BBW finished, that morphed into “Vote Me Up” and I was a regular contributor there. Vote Me Up finished up and now Tom hosts a new podcast review show called Podwatch. Tom has appeared on Erk Pod Round Table 1, 2 & 4. Tom lives in Adelaide.


Broady appeared on Erk Pod Round Table 2 however Skype issues saw that he didn’t manage to stay on until the end of the episode. Armed with a sense of humour picked up with his life experiences, I know Broady due to our mutual involvement in firefighting in NSW (me) and South Australia (Broady).


Kram was the host of the Reality Cast podcast although he’d say that the Reality Cast legal team regard him and sidekick Ganesha as co-hosts and he is not “the host”. Reality Cast is another reason that I got into podcasting after listening to them talking about Big Brother in 2007. I interviewed Kram in episodes 74 and 75 and I look forward to be able to get him involved on a Round Table. Kram lives in Melbourne and also writes a blog The Pierian Puddle by himself and Subjects of Interest with Ganesha.


Todd is the host of the Geek News Central podcast. While he hasn’t been a guest on Erk Pod (yet!), Todd did a marathon 24 Hour Podcast at the end of 2007 and I was one of many guests on that marathon. I am hoping that he will be repeating this effort this year. Todd and his programs have inspired me to improve the podcast and this is one of the reasons that Erk Pod Mini exists. Todd is the CEO of Raw Voice and Blubrry (Erk Pod is a proud member of the Blubrry Community) and lives in Hawaii. He hasn’t been to Australia yet but would love to. In fact, Todd is the first person that Erk ever spoke to who was in another country at the time of the call (call centres don’t count, OK!).

[Follow Todd on Twitter – @geeknews]

Krishna & Heather

Krishna and Heather are 2 hosts of The Podcast Sisters podcast. On episode 130 of Erk Pod (and episode 59 of The Podcast Sisters), Krishna and Heather interviewed Erk mainly about live podcasting. This interview was conducted via Skype and was the first appearance from people in that part of the world. Krishna is from Ireland and Heather is from northern England and become the first people from those countries to appear on Erk Pod.

Steve, Art & Tim

Steve, Art and Tim combine in the podcast “Some Guys in a Car”. Steve is a Police Officer, Tim works in a Police Department and Art has just left the Air Force and is now a Paramedic. The guys have known each other for a long time and made their Erk Pod debuts on Round Table 8. Steve rejoined the Erk Pod crew for Round Tables 9 & 11 while Tim joined in for the final part of Round Table 10.

[Follow Steve on Twitter – @scarrcop] [Follow Tim on Twitter – @wowkiter]

Talli & David

Talli is the host of the Being Healthy for Busy People podcast. Erk interviewed Talli for episode 147. Talli is a personal trainer and a Doctor of Physical Therapy in California. After only 15 episodes, her podcast was nominated as a finalist in the Health/Fitness category for the 2008 Podcast Awards which is some achievement.

David is the host of Millionaire or Bust and also does a lot of the backroom work for Talli’s podcast as another husband/wife podcasting team. David has been a great source of feedback and encouragement for Erk Pod and appeared briefly on Round Table 12.

[Follow Talli on Twitter – @tallivansunder]

[Follow David on Twitter – @vansunder]


Grizzly was in the chat room for Round Table 10 before making a brief appearance on the show. Grizzly (host of the Grizzly Growls podcast) is from Minnesota but during his appearance, he was in a bar in Wisconsin at the time. He returned to the same bar for a live appearance at the start and finish of episode 157. Griz made a promo for Erk Pod which started being played for Round Table 12. He also made his first apperance from home for the whole of Round Table 12.

[Follow Grizzly on Twitter – @Grizzlysgrowls]


Tiggr is from Idaho and made a brief appearance on Round Table 10 after starting in the chatroom. She returned for Round Table 11 & 12. During Round Table 11, we learnt a lot about Tiggr and her various travels and adventures. You can learn more about Tiggr on her travel blog here.


Bob is the host of the Ordinary Average Guy podcast and currently lives in Wisconsin. He was a fellow participant in NaPodPoMo and joined us for Round Table 11.

[Follow Bob on Twitter – @sybrrgeek]


Jennifer is the driving force behind NaPodPoMo and joined us for Round Table 11. She lives in Texas and co-hosts the Tech in Twenty podcast that she started for NaPodPoMo.

[Follow Jennifer on Twitter – @epodcaster]


Shelle, Erk & Orange Tim have been friends for many years through their mutual involvement in Emergency Services. Shelle made her Erk Pod Round Table debut on Round Table 11 and was also a guest on Erk’s other podcast Echo Romeo Kilo One One. Currently a nurse, Shelle lives in Victoria. She also returned towards the end of Round Table 12.

[Follow Shelle on Twitter – @rashbick]

Cami Kaos & Dr Normal

Another husband/wife podcasting duo, Dr Normal & Cami joined in at the end of Round Table 11. Together they produce the Strange Love Live podcast and are fellow participants in NaPodPoMo. Erk predicts that there will be a Kaos Bunny heading soon to Portland, Oregon.

[Follow Cami on Twitter – @camikaos]

[Follow Dr Normal on Twitter – @drnormal]

Mike and Mike

On Round Table 12, we had two people called Mike who wanted to take part in the Round Table. Erk knew of them via the Podosphere but hadn’t actually spoken to either one of them. So Erk wanted a way to be able to tell them apart, especially considering that we normally don’t do formalities like surnames around here.

We eventually found out that both Mikes don’t have podcasts of their own yet but they (thankfully!) were in different countries. One Mike is from Manchester in the UK and the other Mike is from Indiana (tick another US state off, Erk!).

UK Mike said that we can call him “Mike the Nutter” as “Big Nutter” is his online identity. Then in Erk Pod style, we decided to call Indiana Mike “Mike Wheelbarrow” as his surname is, well, a wheelbarrow! We ended up finding out that Mike Wheelbarrow had been on Hyper Nonsense and that he too owns a Bunny.

[Follow UK Mike on Twitter – @bignutter]

[Follow Indiana Mike on Twitter – @bluelaugh]


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  1. I love the promo you made for Hyper Nonsense. Very funny! :) The photo is just fine for now. If we make a new one, we will send it along.

  2. Erk

    No worries, Jen! It was a pleasure! As Shawno will tell you, I love doing promos! :)

  3. Great page, really cool to finally put faces on the voices.

  4. Erk

    I’ve got most of the people’s photos up, Richard. Most of the ones that I haven’t I’ve only spoken to on Skype.

  5. You can update my blurb now Erk, I don’t “want” to move to Sydney, I HAVE moved to Sydney! w00t!! ;P

  6. Erk

    Hey Dizzy, page updated. I’m glad to see you’ve finally got up this way.

  7. I was going to point you to a good picture on my website, but I forget what all them pictures are. Remind me later. Thanks for letting me participate.


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