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Erk’s Chat With Peter Prellwitz at Balticon 43

Unlike previous interviewee Richard White, author Peter Prellwitz does not have to worry about playing in an existing universe as he has created his own.


Peter has an extensive collection of paperbacks as well as audiobooks in the Shards Universe that he has created.  Find out more in this interview which is part of “The Balticon Special That Never Ends.”



[The Shards Universe]

[Download audio]


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Erk’s Chat With Richard White at Balticon 43

As a part of “The Balticon Special That Never Ends”, Erk chats with Richard White. Richard is a media tie-in writer. As you will hear in the interview, Richard writes books that ties in with pre-existing franchises including Star Trek, Stargate SG-1 and more.


This presents a new set of challenges for an author that does not happen when you are writing your own work. Not only does Richard need to get approval from the franchise he is writing about, he also has the fans of the series as his harshest critics.


[Richard’s website]

[Download audio]

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Erk Pod 156 Reloaded – Show Notes. “Erk, Drue & Bunny Reloaded”

Erk Pod episode 156 – 72 minutes

[Right click to download episode]

Welcome to episode 156 of Erk Pod recorded for the second time. In this episode:

  • Welcome
  • Erk and Drue are very tired
  • Why are we recording episode 156 again?
  • Muting the outside world
  • Weather update
  • NaPodPoMo/Nannapoopoo update
  • Drue has been playing with Bunny and has more control over Bunny.
  • Bunny welcomes us to Erk Pod
  • Bunny FM
  • Bunny is coming to Australia?
  • Get well soon, Shawno!
  • Pip has been banned from iTunes AGAIN!
  • Finding the “Bells of Promotion”
  • The “Voice Over Guy Off” – who was better? Vote now, the winner will be decided at the November Round Table. First was Leigh the Voice Over Guy followed by Orange Tim.
  • Grizzly’s Growls promo
  • Erk knows there is a difference between bull riding and bull fighting
  • Erk explains bull riding
  • Erk and Drue make it to print? Thanks to Stephen from Tea & Chat for including us in his NaNoWriMo novel he is writing
  • More explosions please, Steve!
  • Importing tea FAIL
  • Is December National Novel Editing Month and National Podcast Catch Up Month after NaNoWriMo and NaPodPoMo?
  • Erk introduces Drue to find a story but can’t find it.
  • MUSIC – It Isn’t Xmas by Kati Mac courtesy of Ariel Publicity
  • Englishman changes his name by Deed Poll.
  • Hear Drue try to pronounce the longest name reported on Erk Pod. It’s not just a wheelbarrow but it is the whole construction site (according to Drue) or the whole wheelbarrow department at Bunnings (according to Erk)
  • Erk gets a new driver’s licence but has maths FAIL
  • Erk worked out why he had timezone FAIL with Tee the other day
  • Pronouncing Jacob’s name
  • Erk struggles with 1000th tweet
  • BJ the Research Guy returns to the Erk Pod flock
  • Erk snort laughed at Drue’s Subway rant
  • US Election Ballot Paper FAIL
  • Bunny was in overdrive last night because Drue forgot to put her to sleep for the night
  • Erk talks about two motor racing movies that was on TV this week
  • Outro
  • Can Bunny say “goodnight interweb?”

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Captain Obvious Award 07 October 2008

Here is the winner of the Captain Obvious Award for 7 October. There’s no prize but when I read this sign, I thought “thank you, Captain Obvious!”

This sign is located on a door that opens outwards. Until recently, the sign read “Caution. Stand Clear Door Opens Outwards” which makes sense. However, someone has put an “Employees only” sticker over the bottom line of text so the sign says that the door opens. Well of course it opens!

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