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New Website for Erk Pod!

Erk Pod has a new website! All of the Channel Erk websites are now all together on the one website. The current addresses of and will go to the new site. You can also access the site by going to

All Erk Pod episodes from 2009 are now on the new site. 2007 & 2008 episodes are archived on this site. Use the menu to the right to access archived content.


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Announcement – Balticon 43 Special Coming Soon

Folks, I have just finished a massive week in the Baltimore & DC areas. I recorded two episodes of Erk Pod with Jamie the Podmedic (half of 196 & 199). I also had a Police ride along and two episodes of Erk Pod (201 & 202) with Some Guys in a Car. I also did some touristy things in Washington DC.

Then I spent the next 3 and a half days at Balticon. During this time, I was going to various podcasting and new media sessions to meet people, learn more as well as offer some of my experiences. I did learn a lot, I didn’t sleep a lot and I was inspired even more than usual and am uber excited about podcasting (again, more than usual).

Needless to say, this has meant that meant that over the past week, there have been no travel entries and (until tonight) no new Flickr photos. But when you hear the line up of people I interviewed to appear on Erk Pod during “The Balticon Special That Never Ends”, you’ll know why I am excited.

Even though the aim was for short interviews, there are many of them. Regular Erk Pod/Channel Erk listeners will know that my interviews are usually longer and fun to do but Balticon wasn’t the place for long, fun interviews. So instead, Balticon was a juggling act. It was fun to try to be in the same spot as another person in a suitable location. It was fun having people refer other people to me who I didn’t know of before hand.

So here’s the plan……

Most likely, there will be 2 episodes of Balticon related content. They will be played in the order they were recorded. They will appear on the Erk Pod and the Channel Erk feeds. There will be some related music, too. Most likely, these will be episodes 203 & 204 to be released later this week.

For the people who were interviewed or are fans of a particular person, the interviews will also be available separately but ONLY from the Erk Pod website ( where they can be downloaded or played directly. The separated files WILL NOT be in the Channel Erk or Erk Pod feeds. After all, you’ll be listening to the full episodes, right? Any of the people who appear are more than welcome to place their interview or the entire episode onto their website and into their feeds.

So who is on the list? Man, what a list! It includes but is not limited to:

And better still, once I return home to Australia and everyone who went to Balticon gets some sleep, I plan to have extended interviews with people from “The Balticon Special That Never Ends”

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Episode 200 coming soon!

Episode 200 of Erk Pod will be coming soon. It will be produced later as a special, probably when Erk is back in Australia. In the meantime, feel free to send Erk any special episode 200 email, voicemail, comments or anything else!

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Erk on Strange Love Live – TODAY!

I am sitting at the Kaos breakfast nook and am just about to head down the stairs into the Strange Love Live studio with Cami Kaos and Dr Normal. There are two episodes with a 30 minute tech episode first (which will become Erk Pod 186) and then the After Hours episode (which will become Erk Pod episode 187). 


Both shows will be video and audio streamed live. We are due to start at 10pm West Coast US time today (Friday) which is 3pm East Coast Australia time (Saturday).


Watch/listen here.

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Erk on Strange Love Live this weekend

As I type this, I am sitting opposite Strange Love Live host Cami Kaos preparing for my appearance on Strange Love Live this weekend. I have been listening to SLL since NaPodPoMo (aka Nannapoopoo) in November last year. Cami and Dr Normal made an appearance towards the end of Erk Pod Round Table 11 last year and now I am on their turf in Portland, Orgeon!

Each week, Cami and the Doc produce two separate editions of SLL. There is live video streaming with a chat room. There are video and audio versions of the podcast if you can not watch/listen live.

The show opens with a Tech Edition where Cami speaks with someone involved in tech and/or social media. This is usually their latest project. This show runs for 30 minutes.

After a short break, the lights go down and the mood changes as we head into Strange Love Live After Hours. This is where anything could happen with the guest from the Tech Edition as well as interaction with the studio audience and online viewers/listeners. After Hours can run from 60 to 90 minutes depending on the guest.

So where I fit into all of this? Well, this week, it is my turn to be the guest on the show. The Tech Edition will mostly likely be us taking about Erk Pod and Channel Erk and I think that between Cami, Dr Normal and I, After Hours is going to be a lot of fun, too.

The Tech Edition with Erk commences at 10pm West Coast US time on this Friday which is 3pm East Coast Australia time on Saturday afternoon. This will be followed by After Hours.

The current plan is for the next episode of Erk Pod to be recorded some time before SLL on Friday with me chatting with Cami and Doc about their show. This would be episode 185 of Erk Pod. Hopefully I will be able to include both SLL versions with Erk on the Erk Pod/Channel Erk feeds so that will be Erk Pod 186 (Tech) and Erk Pod 187 (After Hours).

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New Channel Erk Blog

Effective immediately, there is a new Channel Erk blog. It will feature all blog posts from now on that is not specific to Erk Pod. Show Notes from all 4 Channel Erk blogs will feature here. This is in addition to the 4 in 1 Channel Erk portal.


Erk Pod show notes and related blog posts will still feature here on this site.


Click here to go to the Channel Erk blog.

Click here to go to the Channel Erk portal.



For everything Erk, go to!

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Erk Pod 172 – “Caller Caller Caller”

[Right click to download episode]

Erk Pod episode 172 -67 minutes

NOTE – Erk had major uploading FAIL. “Erk Pod 172D (reloaded)” at the start of the file in iTunes is the latest (and hopefully last) uploaded. If you do not have 172D, there will be FAIL! Erk apologies for any inconvenience caused but it was beyond his control.


Welcome to episode 172 of Erk Pod. Drue found the cause of the noise that was bad, especially during Skype calls. So to celebrate, we decide to have our first guests for 2009.


Guest – Grizzly from the Grizzly’s Growls podcast

Guest – Erk Pod regular guest panelist Squeak and host of NaPodPoMo 2008 podcast “A Podcast For November.” Check out Squeak’s Geocaching blog.


  • Erk’s PayPal FAIL
  • Is Squeak going to produce another podcast?
  • “Once you go Mac, you can’t come back!”

Guest – Brent, co-host of Tech Wired Australia

  • Update on the New Zealand and Australian Parliaments and their respective upcoming changes to censorship
  • This Week in Audible
  • Brent gets Erked


Then Erk and Drue talk about:

  • What people complain about (and try to get away with) while in apartments/units
  • Erk having a horse in his backyard
  • Another bell!
  • Bunny muted because we had visitors
  • Feedback from Shawno and Jen (Hyper Nonsense, Shawnogram, Inside My Head) about episode 171
  • Erk tries Spanish
  • Challenge for Jen
  • Goodnight, interweb!


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