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Erk Pod 175 – Final Episode Before US Trip

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Erk Pod episode 175 – 50 minutes


Welcome to this episode of Erk Pod – the final episode where Erk and Drue are together in the studio before Erk’s US trip.


On this episode:


  • Clip from Jen teaching us some Spanish
  • Erk’s nearly ready for his US trip. He is now all packed and ready to go on Friday.
  • Lots of episodes to come during the trip (Erk Pod and Echo)
  • Erk’s US Podcast appearances
  • US money is like Monopoly money
  • Erk has been pre-recording episodes of Blast From The Past & Erk FM episodes
  • Drue thanks everyone who stood in for him for episode 174
  • Jen’s view on Erk’s Spanish
  • New @channelerk Twitter account to go with the @erkpod (personal account)
  • iPhone users now have a Skype application. Erk’s had one on his Nokia N95 for years!
  • Shawno’s Ghetto iPhone solution?
  • More “Great Wall of Rudd” discussion (briefly)
  • JetBlue employee gets a free flight
  • Looking at plane delays
  • Looking forward to the trip and getting emotional
  • Daylight savings FAIL
  • Two wheels fall off school bus
  • Woman stalks bikini teacher
  • Placing photos on Myspace & Facebook
  • Getting media stories from Twitter
  • We’re not Hyper Nonsense, damm it!
  • Little Bunnies
  • Various feedback from Shawno & Jen from Hyper Nonsense
  • The Premier of NSW now has a Twitter account @premierofnsw
  • Banning bikies from “high risk” jobs
  • Banning anyone from activities outside of work
  • Travel tips from Shawno & Drue
  • Is Erk going to the Heart Attack Grill
  • More patient work and less paperwork for Orange Tim?
  • It’s nearly Bunny’s 1st birthday
  • We may hit episode 200 of Erk Pod while Erk is away 
  • It’s Erk’s 2 year anniversary of podcasting while he is away, too.
  • Goodnight interweb!


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Erk Pod 173 – On The Rails

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Erk Pod episode 173 – 63 minutes


Welcome to Erk flying solo (ok, driving solo) on an episode of Erk Pod.


In this episode:

  • Erk’s on an empty train and flying solo.
  • Erk’s US Trip countdown and preview
  • Channel Erk update
  • New look for all Channel Erk website (thanks Drue for the graphics) and some navigation changes for the Erk Pod site.
  • Birthday special that I recorded for my mum for Blast From The Past
  • Erk’s Credit Card FAIL (again!)
  • New charges for ATM withdrawals
  • Geocaching with Squeak on Echo
  • Erk Pod geocache coming soon! It has been placed and is awaiting appoval from the Geocaching Gods.
  • PROMO: Uber Nemsis part 1 with PG Holyfield, Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine
  • PROMO: Dark Compass Metal Show
  • New Channel Erk Twitter account for podcast updates (@channelerk)
  • How Erk has been getting his news
  • Extended commentary in relation to a breaking news story at Sydney Airport. In this commentary, Erk talks about the incident, how the story broke and changing, Policing and Security commentary
  • Erk has been teaching his mum the interweb and email (and was going to get back to this story but didn’t)
  • PROMO: Uber Nemsis part 2, PG Holyfield & Tee Morris
  • PROMO: The Brink by JC Hutchins
  • Farewell Drinks for Erk before his US trip: Penrith on Saturday 28 March (lunch and dinner) and Newtown on Sunday 29 March (dinner).
  • Goodnight, interweb!

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Erk Pod episode 171 – “Getting Serious About Fires & Hashtags”

[Erk Pod episode 171 – right click to download]

Erk Pod episode 171 – 66 minutes

Welcome to episode 171 of Erk Pod with Erk & Drue. In this episode:


  • Erk gets some exercise
  • It’s a lot cooler this week compared to last week
  • Victorian fires updates, social media discussion and rant
  • #hashtag discussion
  • Erk’s Victoria Fires update
  • New podcast – Erk’s Blast from the Past with Erk & Erk’s mum
  • New way of finding and subscribing to all of Erk’s podcasts – Channel Erk
  • When is Erk not going to have to problems with saying Danovad?
  • Man calls 911 because he could not get lemonade at Burger King. Read the actual police report and listen to the 911 call here
  • Milkman gets caught selling dope to his customers
  • Yes Bunny, Erk DID turn you off!
  • Man plays a high pressure prank on his workmate
  • Mythbusters tried to breathe oxygen out of their tyres
  • Man watches 24 for 72 hours. Word Record!
  • Bunny gets confused about billions
  • Australian Stimulus update
  • Another fire rant.
  • Australian ISP filtering trial update
  • How can you swap details during a space accident
  • Navy diver gets attacked by shark in Sydney Harbour
  • Man swallows curved sword for the first time and fails
  • Erk learning Spanish?
  • Erk confusing people with Australian pharses
  • Feedback from Jacob, Shawno, Jen & David
  • Round Table update
  • Goodnight interweb


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Erk Pod 170 – “Studio Audiences, Forgein Objects & More”

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Erk Pod episode 170 – 55 minutes


Welcome to Erk Pod episode 170. In this episode:


  • We have a studio audience!
  • No BJ, we have not podfaded!
  • Where have we been?
  • Two new episodes of Drue and Ben’s podcast Danovad
  • Free coin from Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd?
  • Don’t forget to go back to school on the wrong week, kiddies!
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Calling for an Ambulance in London
  • Nee Naw – Observations from Nee Naw Control
  • Police now targetting man (often) who strips (often) while dressed a cop (often)
  • Man gets tap stuck in eye and man has a 17cm kidney stone [story]
  • Crazy x-rays
  • Zombie alert in Texas
  • Erk’s speed camera update
  • Anastacia hates her voice. Maybe we should get her to do an audio book
  • New promo idea for Erk Pod
  • Girl gets jail time for doing graffiti
  • Feedback from Pat (Donut Boy), Shawno, Jen, Kaine
  • Twitter 365 update
  • Obama screwed up?
  • Round Table update
  • Goodnight interweb

News sources: Fox, News Limited


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Erk Pod 169 – “Launches, Soap Boxes, Rats and Listeners”. Show Notes

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Erk Pod 169 – 70 minutes

Welcome to episode 169 of Erk Pod. In this episode:

  • Introduction
  • Launch of Erk’s new podcast project: Erk FM
  • Drue’s going to be working at Location A, Location B and Location C etc soon
  • Launch of the new home for Da Novemba Advencha
  • Mobile phones and retail workers. Erk was going to mention this last week but forgot
  • Girl gets needle stuck in neck
  • Drue comments on the new Doctor that was recently announced. 
  • Erk tries to find more info about a story he saw on A Current Affair recently
  • Store smells like dead rat and staff wear surgical masks.
  • Wedding couple (who didn’t have surgical masks) has a wedding night from hell 
  • It’s a year since _______ _____________
  • Family sues rail operator after death
  • Woman gets an MRI scan at a zoo.
  • Drue’s x-ray count
  • Helicopters
  • Erk’s Passport FAIL
  • Man forced to drink his own urine at airport
  • Listener feedback from episode 168. Thanks to David, BJ the Research Guy, Shawno & Natalie.
  • Religion in schools in Australia
  • Australian money. Does Drue remember $1 notes?
  • School zone update in other Australian states
  • Shawno likes Erk Pod Classic (as he calls this type of show) and Natalie wants to Skype us again when she gets a chance.
  • Voicemail from BJ the Research Guy
  • Good night, interweb!




News from News Limited, WBBM Chicago and more


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Welcome to Erk FM!


Welcome to Erk’s latest podcast – ERK FM! It reminds me of my time in Community (think public, Americans) Radio where I had some music and I played it for the enjoyment of others. I didn’t have a lot of music of my own at the time in the early 1990’s when I was on the radio. I had some cassettes and LP’s of my own, used some of my co-host’s CD’s (I didn’t have CD’s then) or whatever was lying around the station. Now in 2008/2009, I have access to a lot of music but due to my employment outside the industry, I can’t commit to radio. But thanks to podcasting, I can commit to that and entertain you when I’m not working!


Erk FM is a selection of podsafe music presented as a weekly audio podcast for your enjoyment. To begin with, all music will either be from Erk FM’s prefered sources of podsafe music – Podsafe Music Network or Ariel Publicity. I also listen to many podcasts and I might hear a song on another podcast that I like so I’ll play those songs as well.


Erk FM will be produced weekly to arrive on your computer, iPod or other MP3 player at the end of your work week (Fridays in Australia). Each episode will feature a list of songs and artists with links to the artist’s website as well as to the source of the music. You will also be able to play each episode from the website.


So what sort of music will you hear on Erk FM? I enjoy a wide range of music so you will hear a wide range of music here on Erk FM. I might even discover some music that I didn’t know was out there that I like as well! 


Erk FM will complement but not replace either or my current podcasts Erk Pod or Echo Romeo Kilo One One. This show is dedicated to music and will hopefully include interviews with artists over time. From time to time, music may be also played on Erk Pod.


If you are in a band or have an agency and would like me to play your music, send me an email to and you’ll be able to hear it on a future episode!


Visit the Erk FM website and look out for episode 1 coming down the pipe into your ears on Friday 16 January! The episode has been produced and it will feature some familiar sounding tunes!

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Erk Pod 168 – Back In the Saddle. Show Notes

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Erk Pod episode 168 – 68 minutes


Welcome back to Erk Pod for the first episode in 2009. Join Erk and Drue as we catch up after an epic Round Table 12, Xmas and New Year.


In this episode:

  • This episode is the first episode of Erk Pod for 2009.
  • Short Round Table 12 review.
  • Erk and Drue review their Xmas and New Years Eve.
  • Carbon neutral NYE in Sydney? O L R Y?
  • The train service on NYE/NYD was good. O L R Y?
  • Where did Drue almost spend midnight NYE for 2 years in a row?
  • Erk announces his planned OS trip to the US, Canadia and Mexico
  • Erk has a homeless guy story
  • Drue has a flaming car story
  • Did Erk do an insurance job?
  • Drue jail broke his iPhone
  • Erk & Drue are taking part in Twitter 365, a photo a day for a year. [Drue’s Twitter 365] [Erk’s Twitter 365]
  • New speed camera near Erk’s house
  • Speed camera/school zone discussion
  • 84 year old woman gets banned from driving until the year 3000
  • Road safety, street racing discussion
  • What are the powers that be going to do about drivers who break road rules by street racing? Crushing into a cube? Confiscation? Give the car to the cops?
  • Hotel lock out discussion
  • Promo: Grizzly’s Growls
  • Hot days in Sydney
  • Erk couldn’t remember what he was going to talk about. After we finished recording, Erk remembered that it was about people talking on mobile phones in retail
  • Goodnight, interweb!


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