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Despatches from Agent Orange – Episode 4. Show Notes

Despatches from Agent Orange – episode 4. 28 minutes

Agent Orange is staying hunkered down in his bunker for this mission, because he’ll be watching The Race That Stops The Nation! The despatch looks at what The Melbourne Cup is all about, a brief history and trivia tid bits, Banshee screams her way onto another podcast, Princess gives an indepth interview, the usual shout outs, a couple of promos and Agent Orange tries his hand at race calling and post race commentary!

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Orange Tim


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Echo Romeo Kilo One One – Episode 4. Show Notes

Echo Romeo Kilo One One episode 4 – 23 minutes

[Right click to download episode]

Welcome to episode 4 of Echo Romeo Kilo One One. Today is horse racing’s day of days, the Melbourne Cup. This 3200 metre race is held on the first Tuesday in November each year.

Today’s guest is Shelle who is an old mate of Erk’s. She shares her experience of being at the Melbourne Cup in the security and first aid fields, gives us a weather report and a lot more.

We then talk briefly about the other race that is on for Tuesday 4 November, the US Presidential race. But because we are Australian, we don’t have any news yet because it is late Monday night in the US.

Today’s busted train myth is “trains don’t have steering wheels.”


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Sydney’s Olympic Welcome Home Parade

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a few days. If they gave out a gold medal in procrastination, I’d win gold on this occasion.

After the recent Olympics in China (home of many rabbits), there were welcome home parades for the Olympians. With a country the size of Australia and that the athletes themselves would probably want to march in their home state’s parade, they decide to have several parades in the capital cities of the mainland states.

Sydney’s parade was the first parade held on Monday 15 September. There were a lot of comments in relation about having the event on a weekday. The event was presumably held during the week so office workers can see the parade during their lunchtime. The parade is usually held around lunchtime because obviously it can’t happen during the peak hours unless you are the Pope. Then the Police need some time to close the road and then open it again. But because it usually turns out to be a tickertape parade, there needs to be time to clean the street before it is re-opened to traffic.

The major complaint that some people had about the parade was that the Paralympians weren’t invited and some people thought that the Paralympians should have been at the event. No one in the popular media seemed to point out that the main reason the Paralympians couldn’t be in the parade is because the Paralympics was still going at the time! What were they supposed to do? Leave the competition to take part in the parade?

Let’s say that the Paralympics was over? What then? Then some people would say that the Olympians should come first. Then people would say that means that people are putting down the Paralympians down by having them at the end of the parade.

Personally I think that separate parades are the way to go. It would give each group the respect they deserve without one group overshadowing the other. The only thing that would mean is two parades and two disruptions to city traffic and business. Or do they need a parade at all? And don’t get me started on calling Olympians heroes!

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Video – Rally Queensland, Sunday afternoon

Here is some footage from Rally Queensland that I managed to shoot as a spectator on Sunday afternoon. It’s not TV standard camera work but it is what it is and I know that some of you will enjoy it! Towards the end of the video I manage to change to a better location when some people leave the corner so you can see more.


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National Rugby League – Super Saturday!

My mum suggested to me that I get on the cans with the boys after my not-so-good week but I’ve decided to watch the NRL (National Rugby League) Super Saturday with 3 games live in a row on Foxtel. I don’t always get a chance to do this so bring it! It also doesn’t happen where every game is live but due to the different time zone in Queensland tonight (daylight savings ends early tomorrow morning), it is possible because 2 of the games are in Queensland.

Now I don’t know if our mate Richard has seen rugby league but think of NFL without all the stoppages and all the padding and the fact that you don’t need a defence team, an offence team and a special team.

Here’s a clip celebrating 100 years of rugby league in Australia. This ad merges old and new footage very well so you get a sense of the history of the game. There is also a “behind the scenes” video below.

And here’s what has been said as the try (Richard, think touchdown, except simply getting over the line isn’t good enough, you have to ground the ball) of the year so far. And think about this, the try scorer was making his debut at the top level! Super catch and super try, that!

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NUDITY ALERT! National Nudity Week in Australia?

It is not often that the final race of the day attracts world wide attention in the small Victorian town of Echuca but thanks to 6 nude guys at the start of the home straight on Sunday…….

These young blokes must have known that the horse races are shown live across the country in clubs, pubs and homes. They are sitting their in the birthday suits giving new meaning to the term “Fashions On The Field”. I found the incident courtesy of the Daily Terrorgraph as did Racing Victoria and the Victoria Police. Both groups are quoted to be “looking into” the incident which needless to say is on YouTube. This is after 2 streakers at the cricket in Brisbane last week, one of whom was knocked to the ground by Australian batsman Andrew Symonds.


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NUDITY ALERT – Streaker at cricket gets tackled by player

Good ol’ You Tube! I knew it wouldn’t be long before this incident that I saw live on TV would make headlines!

Last night I was watching the second Final of the One Day International Cricket series between Australia and India being played in Brisbane. A streaker jumped the fence (very carefully, one presumes) and ran to the centre of the field with Police and security in pursuit.

Australian batsman Andrew Symonds decided to end the naked man’s run. Without dropping his bat, Symonds dropped his shoulder into the man who fell to the ground and was caught by the authorities. The male now faces charges of trespass and indecent exposure. If this were to happen at the Sydney Cricket Ground, this guy would be looking at a $5000 fine and a lifetime ban from the ground, in addition to any other offences.

Comment I have seen this morning on the interweb is divided. Of course, the player concerned has been the centre of attention for most of the summer in relation to racial taunts. I have to wonder if the hoo-ha would be as great this morning had the shoulder had of belonged to someone like Adam Gilchrist (or his alter ego as announced by a Cricket Australia speaker on stage last night, Andrew Gilchrist. Don’t go, Andrew! You’ve just made the top 11!).

Have a look and a listen to the video. Normally when host broadcaster Channel 9 is broadcasting the game and there is a streaker, they don’t pay too much attention and feature a wide shot of the ground. Sometimes the commentators talk about it or sometimes they talk about something else so if you didn’t know better, you wouldn’t know any better.

Have a listen to the audio. I think originally Channel 9 were going to file it under “this is not happening” but when the situation ended like it did and Channel 9 realised that it would turn into a story, they showed (from behind) a close up of the “tackle” by Symonds. I had to have a laugh with senior commentator and cricket doyen Richie Benaud when he said when on the wide shot “at the moment we don’t know if it is a boy streaker or a girl streaker”. It certainly livened things up in the Central Commentary Position, that’s for sure.

What makes someone streak? Alcohol, probably. What makes someone run towards a man holding a cricket bat who knows how to use it? Stupidity? I’d be interested in your comments.


  • if the player wasn’t Andrew Symonds, would anyone have cared if a player dropped the shoulder into the bloke?
  • if the person who dropped the shoulder into the streaker was a person who was supposed to catch the streaker, would anyone care?
  • Will the next streaker who does this have second thoughts?
  • Would there be an outcry if the situation was different and a player was attacked?
  • Why were the two Indian players high fiving each other?

EDIT: The streaker was fined $1500 in Brisbane Magistrate’s Court but no conviction was recorded.

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