Interview – Jamie the PodMedic, MedicCast podcast

On Friday 1 February 2008, MedicCast podcast host Jamie the PodMedic interviewed me for an upcoming episode of the MedicCast about Emergency Services in Australia (NSW in particular). My discussion with Jamie on this subject is Erk Pod episode 83 after it featured as episode 111 on Jamie’s show. I discovered the MedicCast after taking part in and listening to the 24 Hour Podcast last year.

Erk Pod episode 83 (Jamie interviewing Erk) – 25 minutes

Erk Pod episode 84 (Erk interviewing Jamie) – 69 minutes

After he interviewed me in episode 83 of Erk Pod, I turned the tables and then interviewed Jamie for Erk Pod episode 84. In this interview we discuss:

  • the MedicCast podcast
  • Various podcasting issues
  • Various Emergency Services/Public Safety issues
  • TV & Emergency Services. Find out why Jamie can’t watch the TV Show “ER” anymore.
  • Filming movies and TV shows and looking for continuity errors.

Thanks to Jamie for being both the interviewer (episode 83) and guest (episode 84). I think it was educational for both of us for various reasons.


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