Erk’s Balticon chat with Christiana Ellis

Sunday seemed to be book launch day at Balticon 43.  Bright and earlyish on Sunday morning, my first interviewee of the day was Christiana Ellis. Later that night, she would launch her new book Nina Kimberly the Merciless.


Erk now has a signed copy of the book to read on the plane (or when he gets home) which promises to be enjoyable. So what is it like to see your name on the front cover of your own book for the first time? You’ll have to listen to Christiana’s answer – I think that would make her a “glass is half full” type of person rather than a “glass is half empty”.


Apart from the book and related podcast, you can hear Christiana’s voice on her other podcasts as well as on other podiobooks.

[Christiana’s website]

[Download interview]


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Erk’s Balticon 43 chat with PG Holyfield

This man is proof that as a podcaster and a podcast author, it’s good to get your voice heard as widely as possible. While I had heard PG Holyfield’s name around the writing podosphere, it was a talk podcast that made me go out and download his work.


At the start of most episodes of Evo at 11, PG would tell us what he had learned from the previous episode.  And it is PG that gave me the brainstorm for the title of my Balticon special.


Two years ago, Erk started Erk Pod and Erk to the Diary Room. Around the same time, PG started podcasting his murder mystery “Murder at Avedon Hill”. Two years later, Erk is interviewing PG about the end of MaAH which has since been called with affection “The Podiobook That Never Ends.”


Having said that, sometimes being late to the party has it’s advantages. Instead of Erk having to wait 2-3 or 4 weeks to find out what happens after a Holyfield cliffhanger, it would be 2 to 3 minutes.


This interview was the most fitting end to the weekend at Balticon. You can hear the entire  “Balticon Special That Never Ends” as Erk Pod episodes 203 & 204.


[PG Holyfield’s website]

[Download interview]

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Erk’s chat with Scott Sigler at Balticon 43

I’m a late comer to the powerful train that is Scott Sigler. Sure, I’d heard him on other podcasts. Sure, I’d seen all of the other trains zooming around the space. But it is this trip to America that saw me board the Sigler Express as it approached me.


So with a fully loaded iPod, I hit the tracks and listened to Infected. Then I found that I didn’t want to get off the train. I’d heard/read that after listening to Infected, I should move to the Contagious carriage to continue the journey.


I looked down at my iPod – no Contagious! That carriage was nowhere to be seen! So I headed to the next carriage that I had of the Sigler Express and that was Noctural. It was out of sequence but I loved it for different reasons than Infected. Then when I got back to my metaphorical train depot, I found Contagious and have now caught up with that story.


Sick mo-fo? Hell yeah! Talented? No doubt. So if you are as late for the Sigler Express as I am, listen to this chat and climb aboard. There are seats for everyone!


[Scott Sigler’s website]

[Download interview]

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Erk’s chat with Mur Lafferty at Balticon 43

Like many people in the podosphere, I found Mur Lafferty after hearing about her name mentioned, usually with a title like “The Grand Dame of Podcasting” or similar. Again, I heard Mur first via another podcast, quite possibly Tee Morris’ Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy.

I found her writing podcast “I Should Be Writing” and even though I’m not writing a novel, I am writing blog posts, right? And even if I’m not writing blog posts, a lot of Mur’s subject matter crosses over well into podcasting. Hell, even if Mur read out of a phone book for an episode of ISBW, I’d be there!

On this US trip, I completed her “Playing For Keeps” podiobook which I enjoyed. It was a lot different for a super hero book (or in my case, podiobook) but also compelling. And at the time of writing (no pun intended), I have just finished season 1 of the Heaven series as well. I’m a bit behind – Mur is currently working on season 5!

Enjoy the chat and you can listen to the rest of the Balticon content on “The Balticon Special That Never Ends”, Erk Pod episodes 203 & 204.

[The Murverse – the one stop for all things Mur]

[Download interview]

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Erk’s chat with JC Hutchins at Balticon

Like many of  the podiobook authors I had heard of, I heard about JC Hutchins through other podcasters.

The first full interview which really sticks inside my head was one between JC and Stephen from the Tea & Chat podcast (come back soon, man!). I then went out and listened to JC’s UltraCreatives interview series and followed him on Twitter.

But it wasn’t until the current American trip that I devoted a lot of time listening to podiobooks. I listened to all 3 seasons of 7th Son and really enjoyed that. Then at Balticon 43, I got to meet and chat with the man himself after his book launch for Personal Effects: Dark Art.

Here is the section of Erk’s “Balticon Special That Never Ends” featuring Erk chatting with JC recorded soon after the book launch.

[JC Hutchins’ website]

[Download interview]

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The Balticon Special That Never Ends – Erk Pod 203 & 204

Welcome to this two part special recorded at Balticon 43 on the weekend of 22-25 May 2009. This special features a whose who of podcasters and podiobook authors (who are authors in their own right) who attended the Con.


Many topics were raised in relation to podcasting, writing, social media and a lot more. Extended interviews with several of the guests will be recorded once Erk returns to Australia. As this was a working Convention, time was very limited so you have many shorter interviews which were a lot of fun to do. While I was familiar with the work of some of the guests, there were some people who were introduced to me and I was interviewing them a couple of minutes later.


Part 1

[Download episode 203 – 65 minutes]


In this part Erk Pod & part Echo Romeo Kilo episode, Erk speaks with the following people:




[Download episode – 135 minutes]


Part 2 is a long episode but it completely full of interviews and not Erk walking around the Con. Interviewees, promos & songs are:


  • R Allen Leider, author of Wicca Girl
  • PROMO: I Should Be Writing podcast by Mur Lafferty
  • Peter Prellwitz, creator of the Shards Universe
  • PROMO: Nina Kimberly the Merciless by Christiana Ellis,
  • Richard White, media tie-in author
  • FLASHBACK: Highlights of the Double Trouble interview last year on Erk Pod Round Table 7 with Erk, Drue the co-host, Orange Tim, Tee Morris & Pip Ballantine
  • Scott Sigler, author & podcaster of various books including Infected, Contagious, Noctural & The Rookie
  • PROMO: Personal Effects: Dark Art by JC Hutchins
  • Devo Spice from The FuMP (Funny Music Project)
  • SONG: Why Are You Friending Me On Facebook? – Devo Spice/The FuMP
  • Mur Lafferty, author & podcaster including I Should Be Writing, Playing For Keeps & the Heaven series 
  • PROMO: The Uber Nemesis part 1
  • Evo Terra, co-founder of, co-writer of Podcasting For Dummies and host of the Evo at 11 podcast.
  • PROMO: Blast From The Past podcast with Erk & Erk;s mum Judy.
  • JR Blackwell – author, podcaster & photographer. And yes folks, that is her on the front cover of Pitcher’s Pendant by Tee Morris!
  • PROMO: The Uber Nemesis part 2
  • Tee Morris, author, podcaster and Uber Nemesis of all podcast authors.
  • JC Hutchins, author & podcaster of the 7th Son series as well as his new book Personal Effects: Dark Arts.
  • PG Holyfield, podcaster & author of Avedon Hill which was nicknamed “the podcast novel that never ends.”

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Announcement – Balticon 43 Special Coming Soon

Folks, I have just finished a massive week in the Baltimore & DC areas. I recorded two episodes of Erk Pod with Jamie the Podmedic (half of 196 & 199). I also had a Police ride along and two episodes of Erk Pod (201 & 202) with Some Guys in a Car. I also did some touristy things in Washington DC.

Then I spent the next 3 and a half days at Balticon. During this time, I was going to various podcasting and new media sessions to meet people, learn more as well as offer some of my experiences. I did learn a lot, I didn’t sleep a lot and I was inspired even more than usual and am uber excited about podcasting (again, more than usual).

Needless to say, this has meant that meant that over the past week, there have been no travel entries and (until tonight) no new Flickr photos. But when you hear the line up of people I interviewed to appear on Erk Pod during “The Balticon Special That Never Ends”, you’ll know why I am excited.

Even though the aim was for short interviews, there are many of them. Regular Erk Pod/Channel Erk listeners will know that my interviews are usually longer and fun to do but Balticon wasn’t the place for long, fun interviews. So instead, Balticon was a juggling act. It was fun to try to be in the same spot as another person in a suitable location. It was fun having people refer other people to me who I didn’t know of before hand.

So here’s the plan……

Most likely, there will be 2 episodes of Balticon related content. They will be played in the order they were recorded. They will appear on the Erk Pod and the Channel Erk feeds. There will be some related music, too. Most likely, these will be episodes 203 & 204 to be released later this week.

For the people who were interviewed or are fans of a particular person, the interviews will also be available separately but ONLY from the Erk Pod website ( where they can be downloaded or played directly. The separated files WILL NOT be in the Channel Erk or Erk Pod feeds. After all, you’ll be listening to the full episodes, right? Any of the people who appear are more than welcome to place their interview or the entire episode onto their website and into their feeds.

So who is on the list? Man, what a list! It includes but is not limited to:

And better still, once I return home to Australia and everyone who went to Balticon gets some sleep, I plan to have extended interviews with people from “The Balticon Special That Never Ends”

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