Round Table 06 – June 2008




Erk Pod Round Table 6 was recorded on Saturday 28 June at the Erk Pod Studio commencing at 3.45pm Sydney time (GMT +10). Panelists were:

  • Erk (host)
  • Drue (co-host)

In the Erk Pod studio with Erk & Drue were:

  • Orange Tim
  • Squeak
  • Leigh the Voice Over Guy

Joining in via Skype were:


Erk Pod Round Table 6 – Part 1. 62 minutes [Right click to download]

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Orange Tim, Squeak, Richard, Shawno, Jen, Nathan, OG

  • Introductions to Erk Pod Round Table 6 and panelists
  • The plan was to name the Erk Pod Bunny and to hook her up to the podcast. FAIL
  • Introducing Shawno to Red Rooster
  • World Catholic Youth Month Update
  • Condom protest for World Catholic Youth Month
  • Losing money on motorsport events
  • Erk has never sucked helium (Squeak has!) or put a condom on his head and blown it up
  • Tight security for World Catholic Month
  • Will The Chaser crash World Catholic Youth Month?
  • The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
  • Erk’s on the cans – Southern Comfort is today’s drink of choice
  • You can’t get Jack Daniels in the county where it is made because it is a dry county
  • Alcohol Free Zones & Dry Counties
  • The new official medical definition of binge drinking
  • Richard is showing off his Erk Pod clock
  • Jen’s all better now and there is a new episode of Hyper Nonsense out now
  • Erk tried not to podcast while on holiday – FAIL
  • Erk at the Whitewater Stadium (listen to episode 115 for more detail)
  • More possible names for the Bunny – FAIL
  • Still trying to hook the Bunny up to Drue’s wi-fi
  • Richard’s live podcast episode
  • More drinking & alcohol talk
  • BJ, wardrive to Shawno & Jen’s!
  • Shoutout to UStream bots!
  • Promo: Hyper Nonsense podcast


Erk Pod Round Table 6 – Part 2. 66 minutes [Right click to download]

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Orange Tim, Richard, Shawno, Jen, Nathan, OG, Pete the Workie, EOPS Dude

  • Welcome back! Introduction to new panelists
  • Bunny is still not connecting.
  • OG got bail!
  • Sacked Teacher does test not to get onto sex offender list and gets offered a job with difficult children
  • Various child protection issues
  • Filling in a green form when entering the US
  • The Department of Homo Homeland Security, Immigration and the questions they ask
  • Can the US Customs guys and girls smile?
  • Adventures at LAX
  • Transferring luggage on connecting flights
  • Travel insurance
  • More show notes coming soon
  • Shout out to Orange Tim’s sister if she reads this ;)
  • Iguana-gate
  • Two Joe Citizens have a dispute in a restaurant with staff = who cares. Two politicians who have a dispute with restaurant staff = national news and police investigation
  • Nathan trying to join up to Twitter and getting the Fail Whale. You can now follow Nathan (@nather)
  • Introducing the Twitter Fail Whale to non Twitter users. After all, Twitter users know all about the Fail Whale!
  • Erk asks Jen about Haikus. Jen writes Haikus about her frustrations in retail and also writes all her Twitter messages in a Haiku regardless of the subject matter.
  • The music on Jen’s solo podcast “Inside My Head”
  • Jen’s on a break with her Erk Pod cup so DO NOT ask her to look up a book for you!
  • Erk is not speaking Swahili and only wants chicken and chips, not world peace
  • Beach Pod and not getting distracted by girls in bikinis
  • Drunk man caught twice for drink driving after driving 142kph (80mph) in an 80kph (49mph) zone.
  • The Dunlop man isn’t what you think it is
  • Jen thought the guy was on speed and alcohol at the same time based on the headline
  • Erk thinks about returning to work
  • World’s Wildest Badly Dubbed Police Videos
  • Man banned from owning a camera phone after taking photos of women on the toilet
  • Unisex toilets and who has to put the seat up
  • Woman’s fake beard was bogus (oh really?)
  • Customs seizes illegally imported pron
  • Erk asks “who decides what is good pron and what is bad pron?” and Tim offers to investigate
  • Street names for drugs
  • Erk unveils the new Erk Pod sign
  • Erk and Nathan will have to compare notes on holidays
  • Shout out to BJ the Research Guy who is back from his holidays
  • Erk Pod coffee mug v2.0 is on it’s way to BJ
  • False alarm – gangsters on a drug deal turns out to be a music video
  • Erk asks “are we conditioned to see people on the street with guns?”
  • Do you/should you get involved in disputes on the street?
  • “Shawno’s got a gun?”
  • Are you ready for dot sex?
  • New domains coming such as .car .hotel .pod .erk .train crash ?
  • Would it be erkpod.pod or erk.pod?
  • Nathan missed out badly on a domain name. Oops! Bah-bow!
  • Bye Squeak!
  • Squeak Promo


Erk Pod Round Table 6 – Part 3. 57 minutes [Right click to download]

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Orange Tim, Richard, Shawno, Jen, Nathan, OG, Leigh the Voice Over Guy

  • Welcome back!
  • Filming up girls skirts not indecent – defense lawyer
  • Presumption of innocence?
  • 12 year old girl arrested after taking (and sending) a nude photo of herself in the US
  • 12 year old girl in New Zealand arrested after sending 300 nude photos of herself to a game website
  • 17 under aged girls in pregnancy pact
  • Bat phone!
  • Hello Leigh the 3 Hour Late Voice Over Guy!
  • Woman prisoner escapee gets stuck in Police air conditioning vent
  • Shawno bah-bows himself
  • How do you remove someone from an air conditioning vent?
  • Man arrested for drink driving on his lawn mower
  • Does a lawnmower have to be registered?
  • Are there any lawns to mow in Alaska?
  • Tim’s theory on why the cops didn’t get out of the car
  • Man on skidoo hits Police car
  • “Hold my beer and watch this!”
  • Bottle thrower falls out of a car window
  • Man urinates on side of road after “a bunch of beers”. Wait for his excuse for slurring!
  • Drunk midget on COPS after a 911 hang up call after “30 beers”
  • Richard sees Erk’s 30 beers and raises that to at least 36 beers
  • Supplying a year’s worth of condoms to Antarctica
  • Working out the number of condoms per person and the men:women ratio
  • Sending condoms to the International Space Station
  • Shrinkage?
  • Educate Erk – peeing in the snow? Wouldn’t it freeze as soon as it comes out in that sort of environment?
  • Viagra linked to improved athletic performance?
  • Who invited Leigh? That’s right, Erk did!
  • Goodnight, interweb

Sources: News Limited, Yahoo News, Fairfax Media, News, Gizmodo. Stories found by Erk, Drue & Orange Tim.

Above – The Twitter Fail Whale and Erk’s widgets for weather and time in Sydney, Chicago and San Luis Obispo (right)

Above – Drue

Above – Squeak

Above – Orange Tim

Above – Erk on the cans


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