Round Table 01 – 25 January 2008


Part 1 (Erk Pod episode 80) – 60 minutes

Part 2 (Erk Pod episode 81 – 46 minutes)

Part 3 (Erk Pod episode 82 – 45 minutes)

Welcome to a special 3 part extended chat with Erk, Drue, Squeak, Tom and Leigh the Voice Over Guy about tech, gaming, computers, phones and more.

This is the biggest Erk Pod interview/chat/round table ever. Recorded at Drue’s rectangular table, the Wikipedia fueled panel is:

  • Erk – Erk Pod Host
  • Drue – Erk Pod co-cost
  • Squeak – Long time listener, 3rd time speaker
  • Tom – you may remember Tom from such podcasts as “Vote Me Up” and “Big Brother Weekly”
  • Leigh the Voice Over Guy – Leigh makes his non voice over guy debut on Erk Pod (as does Tom)

Between us we have a wide range of knowledge and experience in computers, gaming, tech, phones, interweb and more from today, yesterday, last week & the previous generation. It was an enjoyable chat. Kram from Reality Cast was going to join the panel but he was ill and OG from Brains Matter was unavailable. We’ll have to do this again, blokes!

Topics included (but are not limited to):

  • Computers (Macs & PC, lap tops & desk top)
  • Operating Systems
  • Gaming (computer, console, hand-held)
  • iPod & iPhone
  • VoIP
  • Mobile Phones
  • Hot websites
  • Interweb & ISP’s
  • TV & DVD’s

In part 2 (episode 81), there was some technical problems in relation to the Skype conference call. I’ve left a couple of highlights in where the computer tells me we weren’t recording when indeed we were. Also there were some problems at the end of episode 82 (part 3) at the end but overall I think we did an outstanding job. Thanks to the panel and big thanks to Drue for hosting me again and thanks to Leigh the Voice Over Guy for the recording and also for the entertainment from his end. :)


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