Round Table 10 – 25 October 2008



Erk Pod Round Table 10 (incorporating episode 150) was recorded on Saturday 25 October (Sydney time) at the Erk Pod Studio.

In the Erk Pod studio was:

  • Erk (host)
  • Drue (co-host)
  • Orange Tim
  • Leigh the Voice Over Guy
  • Squeak (on floor)

Joining in via Skype at various stages were:

Most music is courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network


Erk Pod Round Table 10 (episode 150) – Part 1. 67 minutes

This part contains adult themes. Listener discretion is advised.

Panelists: Orange Tim, Leigh the Voice Over Guy (studio), Squeak (on floor), Richard, Tee, Pip, Stephen, Jim

  • Introduction to Round Table 10 and panelists
  • Turning on panelists and being banned by iTunes?
  • First Round Table with Mixer V3.0
  • Leigh is actually on time for a start of a Round Table and should be here at the end, too!
  • Orange Tim has his new Erk Pod shirt on – do you know who you are, Tim?
  • Tee says “America first!”
  • Pip got banned from iTunes after 1 episode of her Erotica podcast
  • Is it Tee’s birthday?
  • How will Tee get banned from iTunes? Dwarf pron, Morevi nookie? Pirate pron?
  • The first of many dings and bells of self promotion
  • Pip’s words that got the Americans upset
  • Stephen’s got some tea while Tee, Erk & Drue are drinking various forms of alcohol
  • Sending bad tea to your worst enemy
  • Erk gets his bodies of water mixed up while crossing from Ireland to England
  • Pip calls shenanigans on Tee
  • Photo call for all the panelists, not just the ones in the studio
  • Beer wenches
  • Squeak’s on the floor for a short time but a good time
  • Nathan’s box is in the studio
  • Music: You don’t need an iPod – Uncle Seth with co-writer John C Havens
  • NaPodPoMo Erk Pod style with Erk, Drue, Orange Tim & Squeak. Stephen and Pip are doing NaNoWriMo and Richard and Tee will be too busy. Shawno and Jen (who will be on later) are also doing NaPodPoMo. NaPodPoMo is a daily podcast challenge for the month of November while NaNoWriMo is the original version for novel writers.
  • Orange Tim is the Podcast Postal Service
  • Erk Pod won the race between Erk Pod and Amazon
  • Does anyone care about the Rugby League World Cup?
  • Rugby Union and International Rules
  • Shout out to the uStreamers
  • They let prisoners listen to uStream and Erk Pod Round Table?
  • No more sheep noises please which promoted even more sheep noises
  • Tee has a Mini Me?
  • People complained about Pip’s accent on Escape Pod
  • Call Centre accents and what people in call centres call themselves.
  • Call Centre workers trying to fit in to the country they are calling
  • Episode 150 (ie this one) should wear an explicit tag because of Tee?
  • Talking to suspects and the tricks of the trade
  • Detecting colon cancer by sitting on a photo copier
  • Thanks to everyone for their support during the last 150 episodes
  • Voicemails from Nathan, Squeak and OG from Brains Matter. We had Skype voicemail FAIL on the live recording so we’ll play them on the next episode.
  • Farewell to Squeak
  • Music: Kill the Alarm – Fire Away (thanks Richard)
  • Music: Wildfire – Lisa Redford



Erk Pod Round Table 10 (episode 151) – Part 2. 86 minutes

This part contains adult themes. Listener discretion is advised.

[Right click to download episode]

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Orange Tim, Leigh the Voice Over Guy (studio), Richard, Tee, Pip, Stephen, Jim, Shawno, Jen

  • Drue and Orange Tim are enjoying breakfast
  • Leigh is adding up the dings and bells of self-promotion
  • Fighting over who gets to sit in Pip’s passenger seat.
  • Calling shotgun
  • Remakes of TV shows for different markets. For instance, the Australian version of “Kath & Kim” was remade into an American version and was canned in Australia after two episodes. It has been panned by American critics.
  • Watching Australian TV in the UK
  • Dukes of Hazzard and what happened when the two main actors ask for more money and the network sacks them. The show nose-dived and the actors came back but it was too late by that stage.
  • Money and acting. Are lower paid actors better than overpaid actors?
  • Some TV shows do not know when to die.
  • Remembering classic TV showsTee’s old lady fantasy and Erk backs Tee up
  • Welcome Shawno & Jen
  • What time does the Round Table start?
  • Laugh off between Jen and Pip and the Voice Over Guy off between Leigh and Tim?
  • The debut of the Erk Pod Horns of FAIL, thanks to Shawno
  • Running total on the Ding meter is 27 according to Leigh
  • Orange Tim thinks that the last 90 minutes has been an introduction
  • The potential NZ Immigration Minister gets himself into a row after two racial slurs against two cultural groups
  • What’s going on in November?
  • People’s reactions to morphine. Erk doesn’t get the reactions that a lot of other people report.
  • Latest US election update
  • Skype FAIL
  • Music: BORS23 – Fire Train
  • Australian Government proposal for interweb content filtering system without an option to opt-out.
  • What should be filtered? What shouldn’t be? Who should decide what is illegal content and what isn’t?
  • Are we heading to a Chinese style interweb?
  • Parenting and the interweb
  • Never growing up and taking an active role in parenting your child
  • Mobile phones in school
  • Mobile phones after 9/11
  • Various ages of consent [Article]
  • Voting age and compulsory voting
  • Pip’s now in the top 100 in her category on iTunes after being banned yesterday
  • World record sandwich attempt FAIL in Iran
  • Erk’s slow on the Horns of FAIL and Tee gets another plug in for Podcasting for Dummies
  • Strange noises that turns out to be Ben the Podcast Trader’s phone
  • Various mobile phone ring tones after Stephen gets a phone call at 3am
  • Leigh’s running Ding-o-meter count: 32
  • An old Doctor Who is coming back?
  • Tee taught Erk everything he knows about podcasting
  • Music: Firestar – Canadian Celtic Cowboy


Erk Pod Round Table 10 (episode 152) – Part 3. 92 minutes

[Right click to download episode]

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Orange Tim, Leigh the Voice Over Guy (studio), Richard, Tee, Pip, Stephen, Jim, Shawno, Jen

  • Welcome back!
  • Father takes his son to court in Nigeria for being idle
  • Nuns are scary
  • Writing with the wrong hand – being left handed was considered to be bad many years ago
  • Doing various things left or right handed including playing drums, shooting guns and more
  • Running count on the Ding-o-meter: 35
  • Driving left and right hand drives on the opposite of the road.
  • Differences between driving in the US and Canadia
  • International Highways in Australia?
  • Erk’s building a tunnel or a bridge from Australia to Hawaii?
  • The Bridge to Nowhere
  • Has QANTAS crashed lately and did Catherine make it to LA on the A380?
  • The aftermath of the QANTAS incident between Singapore and Perth where the plane suddenly dropped
  • Airplane V UFO near miss in the UK?
  • Tim reads a report in character
  • Tim tries to resuscitate Anastacia Bunny
  • Jim got an iPhone and feels dirty. He reviews his new purchase
  • Bunny Alert!
  • Richard plays some comedy classics
  • Mysterious explosion and lights in Central Australia
  • Bunny Alert!
  • Whose weapons? Slow news day for the BBC?
  • Tim loses it after a KKK reference
  • Richard’s got his show done, he thinks
  • People not swearing on Erk Pod but going onto Richard’s show and letting loose
  • Soft pron on 60 Minutes last weekend. The story was talking about to how easy it is to obtain pron as well as to make it.
  • Sock puppets & Sock Puppet Theatre
  • Ireland’s entry into the Eurovision Song Contest
  • Do Irish people drink as much as the stereotype?
  • Bye Pip! Bye Tee! Ding!
  • Haiku of Frustration success for Erk!
  • Tim announces his podcast title for NaPodPoMo – Dispatches of Agent Orange
  • What are Shawno & Jen doing for NaPodPoMo?
  • Reflecting on NaPodPoMo 2007 and 2008
  • Welcome Tiggr!
  • Erk can tick off another US state on his list!
  • Drue got a new dog on Facebook and Richard’s dog still can’t catch
  • Where is Idaho?
  • On air production meeting.
  • The return of “The Levers of Katoomba” becomes the Voice Over Guy off between Tim and Leigh. To vote, email and tell us who was better. This will be announced at the next Round Table.
  • What has Jim complained about this week?
  • Running total of Dings: 65
  • Tim’s leaving now to go to an Airshow. Drue asks if Tim is going to take photos.
  • The year is young according to Tim
  • Music: Lizards from Afar – Batphone (thanks Jen)


Erk Pod Round Table 10 (episode 153) – Part 4. 67 minutes (FINAL)

[Right click to download]

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Leigh the Voice Over Guy (studio), Richard, Jim, Stephen, Shawno, Jen, Tiggr, Tim, Grizzly

  • Welcome back but goodbye Tiggr
  • Welcome to Tim from Some Guys In a Car podcast and Grizzly from the Grizzly Growls podcast
  • Erk gives a suggestion to Stephen about what to do when he goes on holidays
  • Grizzly is live in a bar in Wisconsin and gives us a live report
  • Grizzly is doing NaPodPoMo or as he called it Nanapoopoo
  • Bye Grizzly!
  • ADSL fail again
  • Music: Lovebugs – Fire Fighter
  • Welcome back Skype
  • Richard’s turned Japanese
  • Where Richard wants to go in the UK
  • Are handguns outlawed in England?
  • Shawno’s found some haiku
  • Shawno’s mute button FAIL
  • The source of the bells is revealed!
  • Stephen’s pulled an all nighter but hasn’t woken his girlfriend up
  • Mobile phone use can be bad for male reproduction
  • What causes cancer – anything and everything?
  • Podcast Awards wrap up
  • Richard’s Microsoft and Apple rants
  • Hey Shawno, what’s for dinner?
  • Shawno’s mic mute FAIL again
  • Apple has removed Firewire ports from their new computers
  • Time for Shawno and Jen to eat.
  • 80 dings on the Ding-o-meter that according to Leigh has a fair use policy
  • If you think that Leigh has mis-counted the dings, feel free to count them yourself!
  • Time to get ready to go
  • We are having a BBQ after the Round Table
  • The perils of reading old news
  • Leigh has survived through an entire Round Table!
  • Thanks to Nathan, Squeak and OG for their voicemails that we will play next time
  • Birthday shout out
  • Erk is not buying an iPhone
  • Jim thinks he can control Bunny from there
  • Thank you everyone
  • Awaiting final ding count from Leigh
  • Final Ding count from Leigh: 91
  • Goodnight interweb!

Sources: News Limited, Fairfax Media and more

Stories found by Erk, Drue & Orange Tim

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Related You Tube videos

Above – The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre

Above – Daleks V The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre

Above – Dustin the Turkey, Eurovision Song Contest 2008


Hosts and Panelists in the Erk Pod Studio

As usual, Erk (and sometimes Orange Tim) takes some photos in the Erk Pod Studio while we are on air. But for this Round Table, Erk decided to ask the panelists to take (or supply) photos of themselves for the show notes. Needless to say, the photos taken by the panelists on Skype were supplied to Erk because he could not take photos of them himself.

Above – The setup for Round Table 10. Normally we only use one table but due to Mixer V3.0, Drue thought we needed another table. So now there are two tables!

Above – Erk


Above – Drue

Above – Drue


Above – Orange Tim

Above – That’s a nice shirt you are wearing, Tim!


Above – Orange Tim tries to wake up Anastacia the Erk Pod Bunny

Above two photos – Squeak is comfortable for a short appearance on the Round Table on the flat floor

Above – Leigh the Voice Over Guy

Above – Leigh the Voice Over Guy has a snooze (thankfully not during the Round Table)

Above – Leigh and his tally sheet of the Ding-o-meter

Panelists outside of the Erk Pod Studio (via Skype)

Above – Richard


Above – Shawno


Above – Jen

Above – Tee

Above – Pip

Above – Stephen (and some tea!)

Above – Jim (and some whisky which he assures us was mmmm very good!)


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