Round Table 11 – 30 November 2008



Erk Pod Round Table 11 (incorporating the end of NaPodPoMo – National Podcast Post Month) was recorded on Sunday 30 November (Sydney time) at the Erk Pod Studio. It was a massive show (about 5 & 3/4 hours!) with 18 people taking part at various stages throughout the afternoon. Thanks to everyone who took part or listened on uStream!


In the Erk Pod studio were:

Joining in via Skype at various stages were:


All music on this Round Table is courtesy of Ariel Publicity and comes from the following track list:


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Erk Pod Round Table 11 – part 1 (episode 158). 96 minutes


In the Erk Pod studio for Part 1 were:

Joining in via Skype at various stages were:

In this episode:

  • Welcome to Erk Pod Round Table 11
  • Introduction of hosts and panelists
  • The end of NaPodPoMo (National Podcasting Post Month) aka Nannapoopoo
  • Not talking to your mates because of politics 
  • When is Richard coming to Australia after Obama won the US election?
  • The cost of Richard’s recent stay in hospital
  • Young whippersnappers! What were you doing when Drue was born?
  • When does Summer start?
  • Where are you?
  • Welcome Bob
  • Erk’s US state count
  • Welcome Jen
  • Drinking time
  • Media/privacy policies in relation to patients and health care
  • Steve’s people talking to Jamie’s people. Their people should keep Erk’s people in the loop! :P
  • Erk’s American podcasting tour “Erk does the States”
  • Do they podcast in Alaska?
  • Training videos – “Here’s what NOT to do” and “Here’s a good way to get sacked”
  • Using videos for recruitment and crime solving
  • Fires next to Stephen’s apartment in Ireland and multiple fires at Hungry Jacks in the centre of Sydney
  • Black Friday shopping in the US. A worker at Walmart died after being trampled
  • Xmas Music and when does the promotions for Xmas start?
  • What is it like having Xmas when it is summer like?
  • Farewell to Orange Tim and welcome to Jennifer
  • Another NaPodPoMo update
  • Is Podsafe music still relevant? Is Podsafe music REALLY podsafe?
  • MUSIC: Idaho Pines – Hot Buttered Rum


Part 2

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Erk Pod Round Table 11 – part 2 (episode 159). 77 minutes

In the Erk Pod studio were:

Joining in via Skype at various stages were:

In this episode:

  • Welcome back!
  • What are we all drinking?
  • Who owns what beer company?
  • Various Mac, iPhone, computer & mobile discussions
  • Various dead body stories
  • Erk asks Steve to tell a war story.
  • More training video & cop talk
  • Movie talk: “Twlight” and “Australia”
  • According to the Australian Government, Drue is now a binge drinker
  • New NSW lock out laws
  • Comparing last drinks time across the panel
  • Picking up men/women in bars
  • Why are the lines for the Ladies public toilets so long?
  • MUSIC: Yoo hoo hoo – Kalliopi

Part 3

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Erk Pod Round Table 11 – part 3 (episode 160). 55 minutes

In the Erk Pod studio were:


Joining in via Skype at various stages were:

In this episode:

  • Welcome back
  • Welcome Leigh the Voice Over Guy
  • The “Erk Pod Voice Over Guy Off” between Orange Tim and Leigh the Voice Over Guy
  • It was very close (and Nathan said that both could have done better!) but the winner is ___________”
  • Talking yourself up on your CV
  • Erk Pod Idol
  • Welcome Shawno
  • The various Phantom Power Media studios
  • Shawno’s SPAM hoodie
  • Leigh doing voice overs for Nathan before he knew that Nathan was Nathan
  • Doing voice over work for things such as telephone menus
  • Railway voice overs
  • Re-telling the story of Steve re-telling the story of Erk telling the story of vomiting out the window
  • Opening train doors
  • Playing a game of “Bunny says”
  • Farewell, Leigh
  • Welcome back, Drue (who is on delay listening on uStream)
  • We have solved the uStream problem that people listening live had but you won’t notice on the podcast version. Drue thinks it was due to a Flash problem
  • Music Double Shot: Hypocrite – Melissa Ferrick
  • Music Double Shot: Book of Lies – Miranda Vettrus

PART 4  

[Right click to download]

Erk Pod Round Table 11 – part 4 FINAL (episode 161). 106 minutes

In the Erk Pod studio were:

Joining in via Skype at various stages were:



In this episode:

  • Welcome back!
  • Welcome to Ben the Podcast Trader
  • Drue is here but on delay listening via uStream
  • Da Novemba Advencha will continue beyond NaPodPoMo
  • Working from home
  • Shawno works from home and tells us about it
  • Erk can’t drive trains from home
  • Welcome Shelle
  • Catching up on people who have left the podcast
  • Tiggr talks a little about being an American being interested in cricket, working for the Post Office and being in the military
  • Bye Steve!
  • Welcome Dr Normal
  • Submarines
  • Cyborg Camp
  • Dr Normal (and later Cami) wants a Bunny
  • iPhone apps
  • Welcome Cami
  • Cami wants a Bunny
  • Bunny becomes a major topic of conversation
  • Dr Normal thinks we are doing a tele-thon!
  • Who doesn’t know who Ron Jeremy is?
  • Introducing the Strange Love Live podcast
  • NaPodPoMo update
  • Bye Squeak!
  • What Cami wants for Xmas
  • You guys have a Research Guy?
  • It’s a Doctor Who fest for a while now…….
  • While typing the show notes, Dr Normal suggests simply (via Twitter) to say “Strange Love Live joined the podcast and that’s pretty much the end of the Round Table”
  • Bunny apologies for something
  • Cami wants a Bunny
  • Demonstrating Bunny
  • Hearing Bunny voices around the house
  • Listening to scanners and emergency service radios
  • Dr Normal is trying to add content to the show while Cami is looking at Bunny photos
  • Drunk Pod
  • Is Erk stealing content for that day’s Da Novemba Advencha?
  • Ben got drunk last night and got vomited on
  • Ben and Drue want to go to watch the Star Trek movie with Shawno & Jen
  • What is your favourite season of Star Trek?
  • Comparing Subway to various other food and sandwich chains
  • Are Ben and Drue going to have Nandos for dinner?
  • Children and podcasting
  • Should Dr Normal dress up as a Bunny?
  • MUSIC: Workin all the time – Pimps of Joytime
  • Farewell to everyone and thanks for being a part of Round Table 11!

Above – Bunny & Erk

Above – Leigh and his Voice Over Guy Off winner’s trophy

Above – Erk and Erk Pod sign

Above – Squeak

Above – Erk looks like he is conducting roll call.

Above – The final Cruiser count

Above – Jen in Phantom Power Media Studio A

Above – Jen at Studio D

Above – Shawno and his SPAM hoodie (yes Shawno, we CAN see it :P LOL)


One response to “Round Table 11 – 30 November 2008

  1. Drue “thinks”? No, drue knows. The flash player installed for chrome – which is the same as the one of firefox, mustn’t be updated or compatible with ustream, once ie6 was opened, it was ok.

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