Round Table 12 – December 2008

SATURDAY 20 DECEMBER 2008, 12pm Sydney time

On Erk Pod Round Table 12, we celebrate a year’s worth of Round Tables, 12 months of Drue being the co-host of Erk Pod, Xmas, New Year and who knows what else! This is the biggest (and funniest!) Round Table ever!


In the Erk Pod studio were:

Joining in via Skype at various stages were:


All music on this Round Table is courtesy of Ariel Publicity and comes from the following track list:
NOTE: We had some major recording FAIL so the audio was supplied (thankfully!) by Richard at his end via Skype. During music, we mute the studio mics and Skype so conversations normally do not come onto the recording. However, the audio you will hear was recorded by Richard so you will hear conversations between people on Skype that people in the studio would not be able to hear. Drue was on Skype for the latter half of the Round Table and he tells Erk that the conversations were very interesting. So I’m going to leave them in. I will be putting the songs played on each episode at the end of each episode un-interupted so you can hear and enjoy the song properly.
Once again, a massive thanks to Richard for saving our bacon with the audio! If it wasn’t for Richard, there basically would be no audio from the Round Table!


Erk Pod Round Table 12, part 1. 62 minutes. Episode 163
In this episode:
  • Welcome to Erk Pod Round Table 12. Pedal harder, Donut Boy!
  • Introduction to panelists
  • Grizzly did a custom promo for Erk! Very cool
  • What’s not very cool is Skype dramas. Skype FAIL
  • MUSIC (with Skype commentary): Call Me – Daydream on Autopilot
  • Discussion regarding the previous song
  • Tim’s gone floppy
  • Shout out to uStream chatters
  • Flashback to Drue’s first episode 12 months ago
  • The Round Table isn’t round according to Grizzly
  • Have you done your Xmas shopping yet?
  • Richard asks if there are any Americans with coin for Xmas shopping
  • Has Erk ever considered becoming a Santa?
  • Australian PM Kevin Rudd gets a new nickname and insults the Aussie troops
  • How old is Olivia Newton-John?
  • Welcome David
  • More Skype and ADSL FAIL
  • MUSIC DOUBLE SHOT: (with Skype commentary)  Merry Christmas – Kelly Richey and It’s You & Me This Christmas – Deni Bonet
  • We can hear Richard’s daughter and Richard playing with a toy.
  • Music in full
  • End of episode


Erk Pod Round Table 12, part 2. 74 minutes. Episode 164
In this episode:
  • Welcome back!
  • Bunny doesn’t think so …….. what?
  • Does Orange Tim’s water love him?
  • Where’s Donut Boy?
  • What is everyone drinking?
  • The Bunny Messages of Doom
  • Talk about the “throwing shoes at GW Bush” story
  • Would the Americans have been upset if the shoe hit the President?
  • Bunny wants to join a choir
  • The patient from hell?
  • Taking your patient for a walk
  • Plans for Tim’s show “Despatches from Agent Orange”
  • Tiggr’s plans after retirement
  • The John C Dvorak drinking game
  • David’s response to Erk’s ISP rant in Erk Pod episode 157
  • More talk about bandwidth caps and charges
  • Are you up to date with Nannapoopoo from last month?
  • Various discussions in relation to maternity/paternity leave
  • Don’t call Tim Herbert or Shirley
  • Pain relief for Dummies by Orange Tim
  • Email from Rocket Propelled Geeks warning us to watch our heads when dancing
  • MUSIC (with Skype commentary): Go Away – Trey Green
  • Song in full
  • End of episode


Erk Pod Round Table 12, part 3. 82 minutes. Episode 165
In this episode:
  • Welcome back!
  • Richard’s got a new toy!
  • Gggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiizzzzzzzzzzzzz!
  • Ben’s at the shops!
  • Where is Drue? Brightkite can tell you…….sometimes
  • Erk works out who the mystery person on Skype was
  • Snow snow snow snow snow snow
  • Welcome Jamie
  • Jamie’s Xmas music update
  • Karaoke podcast style
  • Talking about summer school and detention
  • The number you have called has been disconnected
  • When to call an Ambulance and when not to
  • Pre-recorded announcement when connecting to an Emergency call
  • Parking Richard’s rather nice looking car
  • What cops call Paramedics and what Paramedics call cops
  • Shocking discussion about shocking
  • Erk asks about road tripping in the US
  • The American economy & airlines
  • Plane crashes and docking
  • The cost of flying
  • Welcome to Luke & Nicole
  • Recalling the last time Erk caught up with Luke
  • Paris Hilton was here, here & here
  • Richard talks more about the Governor of Illinois on Erk Pod than he did on his own show
  • Giving up smoking
  • Train strikes and removing the person from the brake van/caboose
  • MUSIC DOUBLE SHOT (no Skype commentary): Fairytale – Miranda Vettrus & Christmas 2008 – Last November


Erk Pod Round Table 12, part 4. 96 minutes. Episode 166

In this episode:
  • Welcome back!
  • What are we, chopped liver?
  • Sleeping before the Round Table so you don’t sleep during it
  • Various weather reports
  • Getting pagers to go off. (Ironically, we mentioned Jamie’s pager going off and it did! I found out later that Jamie got paged out for a car accident)
  • Drue is in Erk Pod Studio B via Skype
  • Erk’s homeless lady story from a few days ago (with voices)
  • Homeless people stories
  • From here on, there’s a lot of innuendo!
  • Various widgets
  • The wearing of kilts
  • Will Tim be joining us for the after party?
  • Elevator music
  • Was Shawno recording while on the can for 20 minutes?
  • Tim impersonates the Queen’s Xmas message
  • Being a member of the Commonwealth (yes, we are) here in Australia
  • Giving $5 million of Australian money to Afghanistan for running an election
  • Erk & Richard wants to know why we are still giving money to a lot of other countries for seemingly minimal results
  • Facebook dogs
  • Bye Tiggr!
  • ATM explosions in Sydney and elsewhere
  • Man breaks into Paris Hilton’s bedroom
  • Teacher removed after exposing her breasts to students
  • When is Air Force 1 known as Air Force 1?
  • David Copperfield’s assistant sucked into fan


Erk Pod Round Table 12, part 5 (Final). 95 minutes. Episode 167
In this episode:
  • Erk starts with some wacky news headlines
  • Funny Prime Minister headline
  • Lady banned for buying Xmas crackers at age 22
  • Coke shouldn’t be used for birth control
  • Hitman
  • Man lied about his name, tattoo of his name was on his neck
  • Man went to help cat & got stuck
  • Man claims Medicare rebates for birth expenses
  • Having large breasts is not an illness: study
  • “World’s Worst Jockey” wins a race
  • Various things where they shouldn’t be
  • Drunk English women get given thongs by Police
  • Blow up sex workers advertise a garden gnome business
  • Woman cuts off husband’s penis to teach him about affairs
  • Man breaks into apartment, finds dead body
  • Man sues hospital for forced anal exam
  • Firemen get stuck in lift during a fire inspection
  • MUSIC (with Skype commentary):  The Bumper Sticker Song – Last November
  • On hold music
  • Have you started your ‘Allo ‘Allo collection?
  • Leigh the (lack of) Voice Over Guy joins in after Erk learns that it is him trying to call
  • Dressing up as the Addams Family
  • 24 Hour Podcast with Todd Cochrane started a few hours after recording this Round Table
  • First woman on the Round Table in the studio and on the mic?
  • Thanks to everyone who joined us earlier
  • Shout out to Erk’s mum who has her own iPod and listens to Erk Pod
  • Farewell everyone (eventually!!)
  • MUSIC (with Skype commentary): Peace to the World – Andrew Hand
  • BONUS: The entire highlights package of Drue’s first episode
  • BONUS: The pre-show recording by Richard before the start of the Round Table

One response to “Round Table 12 – December 2008

  1. I love your use of Paint, Erk! It’s always so awesomely cool. :D

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