Round Table 09 – FAIL Table?



Erk Pod Round Table 9 was recorded on Sunday 28 September (Sydney time) at the Erk Pod Studio.There was some audio and Skype FAIL but apart from that, it was an interesting and varied Round Table. Long, too!

In the Erk Pod studio were:

  • Erk (host)
  • Drue (co-host)
  • Ben the Podcast Trader
  • Orange Tim

Joining in via Skype were:

All music is courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network and has a September theme.


Erk Pod Round Table 9 (episode 140) – Part 1. 64 minutes

[Right click here to download episode]

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Richard, Steve

  • Intro to Erk Pod Round Table 9 and panelists
  • The studio is looking rather empty compared to last time
  • Erk has time zone conversion FAIL
  • Richard recently had Drue and Orange Tim on episode 72 of the Wasting Time podcast
  • How Steve found Erk Pod
  • Podcast Awards are now open for nominations
  • Shawno’s nominations for the Podcast Awards
  • Former Green Bay Packer NFL star Quarterback Brett Favre was offered $25 million NOT to play football. He is now playing for the New York Jets.
  • eBay experiences
  • Drue’s massive customer service FAIL
  • Drue’s experiences with mobile interweb
  • The new Google phone is coming to the US
  • Richard and Steve can’t hear Bunny
  • Woman buys a new phone with X rated images on the phone. Woman puts phone on eBay.
  • Be careful when you put your phone in for repairs, people!
  • Drue thinks we need a tank top on the Erk Pod shop
  • Orange Tim, there are baby clothes on the Erk Pod Shop HINT HINT
  • Drue’s Facebook Group has 26 members
  • Drue Promo
  • Still having sound effects FAIL and some audio FAIL
  • Pamela Anderson had to evacuate a hotel without make up after a suspected gas leak
  • More audio FAIL
  • Richard’s hunting Bunny
  • QANTAS commericals
  • Airbus A380 talk
  • Richard’s not a fan of flying and Drue’s never flown
  • Outsourcing various functions
  • Testing trains and planes
  • Fusion Man flies from France to England with rockets on his back
  • Podcast Bingo/Drinking Game
  • Various comparisons between flying and Fusion Man
  • Drue wants to go to the Grand Canyon
  • The Japanese want to build a space elevator
  • Mobile phones on airplanes and in hospitals
  • Will the President of the US get an Airbus A380?
  • Lucky Dip from the Podsafe Music Network: September by Robert Hough


Erk Pod Round Table 9 (episode 141) – Part 2. 58 minutes

[Right click to download episode]

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Richard, Steve, Shawno & Jen

  • Welcome back!
  • Have we fixed our FX FAIL? (no)
  • Welcome Shawno & Jen
  • Erk is having major haiku FAIL
  • How do we write a haiku?
  • Drue forgot his wine! Add that to checklist for next Round Table.
  • Wiki Answers
  • “Will you go to heaven if you are bisexual? – Wiki Answers question
  • Shawno asks “Do we know anything anymore or do we need to ask Wiki?”
  • Shoe discussion
  • “Australia’s a giant beach, right?” – Steve
  • Can you eat/smoke/drink alcohol on a train?
  • Short discussion about the recent California train crash
  • What did we do before Crash Test Dummies?
  • Liking/hating people and what to do about it
  • How Steve copes with people who annoy him
  • Jen can swear in 3 languages
  • Translating languages
  • Skype FAIL and possible solution
  • Drue’s got chocolate
  • How is Drue breaking up his chocolate?
  • What’s the time in the future?
  • Drue takes the webcam outside so people can see out the back door
  • Erk describes what Drue is filming with the webcam
  • Have we solved the FX problem?
  • Roll call on uStream
  • We think we have the FX problem sorted now
  • Blame Canadia (just for Shawno)
  • Erk’s pregnant metaphor for Round Table considering we have done 9 Round Tables now.
  • Music from the Podsafe Music Network: September by Eddie Rocks
  • Introducing Nathan
  • Shawno’s Aussie accent
  • 15 people die after stealing fuel from fuel wagons in India
  • Explaining what a wheelbarrow is
  • Grammar mistakes
  • Sarah Palin is a unicorn?
  • Lucky Dip Music from the Podsafe Music Network: September by Known Associate


Erk Pod Round Table 9 (episode 142) – Part 3. 80 minutes

[Click here to download episode]

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Richard, Steve, Shawno, Jen, Nathan

  • Welcome back!
  • An AK-47 shaped Guitar and some associated problems
  • Skype being Skype again
  • Trying to fix Skype again
  • International Pirate Day, Erk and Drue did an episode on that day and forgot to talk about it
  • Back to the guitar
  • Following up on news stories (or the lack thereof)
  • Erk asks Richard and Steve about the case that Richard spoke about a couple of Wasting Time podcast episodes again where Police in California were reported to shoot a homeless guy 48 times
  • Various discussions in relation to various aspects of the use of deadly force and weapons training by Police and various incidents
  • Skype Mute FAIL (Erk muted Erk and Drue instead of Nathan only during trouble shooting)
  • Bunny’s back!
  • Music from the Podsafe Music Network – September by The Other Chris Hardy
  • Drue loves September
  • Daylight savings starts in Australia next weekend
  • Brazilian woman ends up in Sidney, Canadia when she wanted to head to Sydney, Australia
  • Bunny hasn’t got used to the new Australian Federal Opposition Leader’s name yet
  • Do your research, people!
  • Flying and cruising from Australia to the US and transiting
  • Richard is going to another country when Obama becomes President of the US
  • Erk has not seen Lord of the Rings
  • Traveling through the US and Australia
  • You can’t drive the entire Route 66 in the US any more
  • Shawno and Jen’s experiences when moving from Illinois to California
  • What is Vegas really like?
  • The Star Trek Experience
  • Getting married in Vegas
  • Erk’s not getting married anytime soon
  • “Bloke” in the US
  • Different words in different areas mean different things!


Erk Pod Round Table 9 (episode 143) – Part 4. 71 minutes

[Right click to download episode]

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Richard, Steve, Shawno, Jen

  • Welcome back!
  • How are Shawno, Jen & Steve finding Facebook (aka Crackbook) as relative newbies?
  • Jen, are you married to Shawno? Confirm or ignore!
  • Using Crackbook as a source of news
  • Jen and Orange Tim are having a Super Poke war
  • Steve talks about going to a Department of Defence school in Korea as a teenager and moving around as a military family
  • Richard applied to work with the TSA after 9/11 and was told he was over qualified
  • Anastacia the singing Bunny!
  • Jen has problems with reading clocks
  • Jen left work an hour early from work once because she mis-read the time
  • Drue is playing with his Facebook dog as well as Richard’s
  • Richard’s dog can’t catch
  • Anastacia has a cramp
  • Do we leave Anastacia on all the time?
  • Men suffer stress and depression and also surf the web for pron and related activities says new study
  • Women don’t look for pron etc – so who are the guys talking to?
  • Erk and Steve have theories and experience respectively about who the guys are talking to and also about people trying to pick up kids online
  • Online fraud, scams and spam
  • Marketing emails
  • The cost of sending things overseas
  • Farewell Steve
  • Erk’s mistake on Round Table 8 in relation to Steve’s podcast website address. The address is not
  • Is that address taken? Drue checks
  • Talking about cross-promotion between Erk Pod, Hyper Nonsense and Wasting Time podcasts
  • Promo swapping
  • Drue wants to go onto Hyper Nonsense and Erk wants to go on for a full episode
  • Cameo from Ben the Podcast Trader
  • Different formats and different ways of hosting shows
  • Why we podcast
  • Making money from podcasting
  • Richard has 1800 free loops of music and effects and has listened to all 1800 of them
  • Is there anyone with the email address
  • The Hyper Nonsense FAIL and Horns of Importance
  • Erk thinks of “The Horns of FAIL”
  • Playing promos backwards
  • Theories about what Drue Promo 5 means when played backwards
  • Drue’s Mystery Promos
  • Drue’s looking at a new mixer
  • What we need/want out of a mixer
  • Studio Bat Phone rings and it is Orange Tim!
  • Not goodnight, interweb!
  • Music from the Podsafe Music Network: September by Nick Cook


Erk Pod Round Table 9 (episode 144) – Part 5. 71 minutes

[Right click to download episode]

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Richard, Shawno, Jen, Orange Tim

  • Welcome back!
  • Welcome Orange Tim
  • Orange Tim’s award ceremony that made him 5 hours late to this Round Table
  • Shawno’s Erk impression (again)
  • Accents
  • Erk asks Shawno to play the Horns of Importance for a reason and Drue thinks of another reason
  • Jen tries to take a photo for a photo blog of Shawno and us
  • Update from Tim regarding mobile phones in hospitals
  • Now Donut Boy knows why Orange Tim is Orange Tim
  • Do we need OH&S for Erk Pod Round Table?
  • Tim has a lot of listening and Erk has a lot of editing to do
  • Tim is now using Google Chrome!
  • Full figured woman gets caught at a bank holdup after a witness recognised her very large backside.
  • Man films ladies in apartments for 20 years
  • Tim gets disappointed at a celebrity wedding
  • Mmmmm, very good!
  • Changes in video camera technology
  • Man sues for wrongful penis amputation
  • Erk should host “Erk’s Page of Haiku FAIL”
  • Man tries to drive 280km on a road in a combine harvester to see a friend
  • Why are Orange Tim’s accents all German?
  • Actually, they aren’t always German
  • Tim wants to appear on Jen’s podcast
  • Doing Jen’s podcast completely in Haiku
  • Tim reading bedtime stories complete with accents and voices
  • Where are Orange Tim’s Double Trouble books?
  • Buying baby Erk Pod merchandise
  • Erk and Tim distracted by naked women
  • The Australian version of Border Security is shown in Denmark
  • Border Security US style
  • Iran has an Islamic version of the Barbie doll
  • What you can learn by kids playing with dolls
  • Local councils start DNA testing of dog poo
  • Message from Erk
  • Music from the Podsafe Music Network: September by Matt Caplan
  • Goodnight, interweb!

Sources: News Limited, Fairfax Media, the Hindi, New York Times and more

Stories found by Erk, Drue, Orange Tim & Shawno.

Follow the hosts and panelists on Twitter!

Above – Shawno during the Round Table as photographed by Jen

Above – Orange Tim once again showing why he is called Orange Tim

Above – Erk

Above – Drue

Above – Why Tim was 5 hours late to the Round Table. He received the above medallion for his work with the NSW State Emergency Service during the 2007 Hunter Valley/Newcastle storms.


4 responses to “Round Table 09 – FAIL Table?

  1. Troy

    Pity I missed it but had to attend training for Comms (RFS) in Queanbeyan. Will listen when it is posted!

  2. Orange Tim

    The US President flying in an Airbus A380? When hell freezes over. It’s a European manufactured aircraft and the US President has only ever flown in US manufactered aircraft. Besides Airbus knocked Boeing off the number 1 spot in regards to the largest passenger aircraft. Airbus is a huge threat to Boeing. Boeing succesfully got Congress to cancel the initial new air tanker contract awarded to Airbus. Boeing reckon it got a bum deal. Truth of the matter is Airbus had a superior aircraft and their bid was outstanding.

  3. OT: I thought about what I said as soon as I said it. :P

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