Erk Pod Maxi 104 – Show Notes. “Secret Sounds, Strippers, Naughty Police & a Compressor”

Erk Pod Maxi episode 104 – 70 minutes [Right Click to Download]

Above – Video, Before the Forking Erk Pod

Above – New Erk Pod setup.

Above – Drue & his wheelbarrow!

Welcome to Erk Pod Maxi episode 104. In this episode:

  • New setup including a compressor. Found a new noise!
  • Drue’s birthday and his on air surprise!
  • Drue & Leigh the Voice Over Guy had BIG weekends on the cans.
  • Erk’s N95 problems.
  • Drue goes to put the roast on. (It was yummy, too!)
  • China bans the world from bringing their food to the Olympics.
  • Shawno likes Vegemite!
  • Erk & Drue’s Secret Sound. First correct answer via Voicemail to Erk Pod wins an Erk Pod Mug. To enter send a voice message to Skype ID “erkpod” or phone 02 8003 6905 (Australia) or +61.28003 6905 (international). Winner announced and entries played on Erk Pod Maxi 105 next week.
  • Drue doesn’t have far to drive to work at the moment.
  • Average Sydney peak hour speed is 22kph (13mph) in new study.
  • Road worker has a lucky escape after an explosion.
  • Man has strippers at his funeral.
  • What Erk & Drue want at their funerals.
  • Tree huggers – what will they what at a funeral? Bury or cremate?
  • Man charged with impersonating Police – he is a stripper.
  • Policeman sacked for “going for it on the job” on the job while investigating at a brothel.
  • Prisoner sues for weight loss while in the Big House
  • New segment – Educate Erk.
  • One Boy Crimewave – Boy charged with a $55 000 theft spree
  • School students who should be in school
  • Students try to steal alligator. FAIL.
  • Don’t forget the Secret Sound!
  • Erk has an identity crisis!

News sources: News Limited, Metro (UK)


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One response to “Erk Pod Maxi 104 – Show Notes. “Secret Sounds, Strippers, Naughty Police & a Compressor”

  1. I am now subscribed to Erk pod Maxi, just so ya know. :)
    Thanks for playing our promo on this show.

    You were talking about those dummies guide books…
    I work in a bookstore.
    I have seen “Dating for dummies”, “Sex for dummies”, “Pregnancy for Dummies”, and “Parenting for dummies”. I always keep an eye on the people reading those, and try and steer clear of them.

    Oh, and it is pronounced “Are- Can- Saw”, not “Are- Kansas”, by the way. Why? I have no idea. Especially since we have another state called “Kansas”.

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