This page consists of podcast interviews that I have either been a guest or a host for. If you would like to interview me or be interviewed by me, please contact me. Most interviews would be done via Skype. Also check out the Round Table episodes of Erk Pod that have several guests appearing at the same time in a non interview situation and are not featured here.

December 2007

This interview was Erk’s first chat with an overseas person in relation to the podcast and podcasting. Todd (based in Hawaii) is the CEO of Raw Voice and is also the host of the Geek News Central podcast. Todd was doing a 24 Hour podcast at the time. There were some audio issues at Erk’s end but from this interview and the 24 Hour Podcast in general, Erk was inspired to improve and develop Erk Pod further.

January 2008

This is Erk’s first interview where he is the person asking the questions and hosting the episode. OG (also known as the Ordinary Guy) hosts a podcast called Brains Matter which is based around the areas of science, space and curiousities. In this interview we talk about science in the media, in schools and a lot more.

Erk’s next interview was with Kram from the (then) podcast Reality Cast. When you get two big reality TV fans together, the conversation can get very interesting. This interview was held before the 2008 season of Big Brother here in Australia and before Erk to the Diary Room was a separate podcast. In the end, Reality Cast didn’t cover the season and Erk to the Diary Room became the official Reality Cast podcast of choice for BB news.

This chat with Richard (host of the Wasting Time podcast) was prior to Richard’s first appearance on a Round Table. This extended chat with Richard over 2 episodes talks about the differences between my Australia and his America, motorsport, tech, travel and a lot more. The following month, Richard made his debut on the Round Table and has been a valued panelist there ever since.

February 2008

This double interview with Jamie the Podmedic was very interesting. First of all, Jamie interviewed me for his podcast based on my volunteer role in the NSW Rural Fire Service in Communications. It gave Jamie another point of view about how we do things down under. After his interview, we turned the tables and I became the questioner and spoke more about Jamie and his podcast and also his experiences as a volunteer Paramedic and also as a (then) trainee nurse.

June 2008

Erk had found Natalie’s blog on the interweb and was interested in her background as a journalist, a writer and also as an actor. Natalie appeared on Round Table 3 and I interviewed her later when I visited her home town of Brisbane. This was the first face to face interview that I’d done on location for Erk Pod. In the interview, we find out about what has been happening in Natalie’s bsy life since Round Table 3 and her (then) upcoming vacation.

July 2008

Erk invited podcasters and authors Tee & Pip onto Erk Pod to promote their new books that will be released on the same day in a promotion called “Double Trouble”. This interview saw our first voice from New Zealand appear on the show. Apart from the wide ranging 90 minute interview, Tee & Pip also joined us for part of the Round Table, spending around 2 hours on the show in total.

[Tee’s official site]

[Pip’s podcast “Whispers At The Edge”]

August 2008

In the promotion of the interview of Tee and Pip (above) as a part of Round Table 7, Erk offered his services to The Podcast Sisters as an interview subject talking about live podcasting. Erk was interviewed on Skype as he was heading to work and shares some of his Round Table experiences with Podcast Sisters Krishna and Heather.

[The Podcast Sisters website]

October 2008

For Erk Pod episode 147, Erk interviewed Talli Van Sunder who is the host of the Being Healthy for Busy People podcast. During the interview, Erk asks Talli various questions about personal training, fitness, healthy eating and more.

[Being Healthy for Busy People podcast]


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