What I Learnt At Commex

Last weekend (when I wrote this!) was Commex 2007 based at the YMCA at Yarramundi. It is basically a joint exercise for many Communications groups in the RFS. On Friday night and Sunday I was in at Firecom. On Saturday I was instructing and co-ordinating activities at Berkshire Park and on Saturday night I was partying like it was 1999.

Seeing as though the idea of the weekend was to learn stuff, here’s what I learnt throughout the weekend.

* It is important to regularly train and practice.

* Local knowledge is good

* Not everyone does standard procedures the same way

* I now recognise what I have got and am thankful for it.

* It is good to see other people and how they do things.

* It is possible to have a great time and be sober at the same time.

* People like free alcohol

* Older women like wine more than VB (generally)

* I’ve missed female company and enjoyed having some the other night

* Layering one’s clothes is great for when one is outside in the cold but not inside when dancing.

* It’s harder to spell R-F-S-A than Y-M-C-A

* Volunteering to be TP’ed is for the brave

* It’s OK to use 7 rolls of TP to TP someone if you aren’t the one being TP’ed.

* It is interesting to see what people have with them in their wallets and handbags. And mobile phones are good for those “what do you have in your wallet” games.

* Turning off the lights improves ambiance and can encourage people to dance.

* So can alcohol.

* It is OK to dance and sing with guys.

* And it’s OK to dance with older women.

* Erk can’t rock and roll dance.

* Sometimes it is funnier to dance to the wrong thing

* If you don’t know how to do a particular dance, look at a hot chick who knows how to dance. Then do your best to copy her.

* Some chicks like it better when they are dancing if you try to dance, even if you aren’t good at it. They like to try and teach you. After all, it isn’t “Dancing With the Stairs” (sorry Fifi LOL)

* If people don’t see you dance and having fun often, they will be surprised when you do.

* Sometimes it is better not to say goodbye and leave the thought of “what might have been” rest in your head and keep a good memory of the night.

* Erk can not get drunk on Sunkist but it looks like he can

I feel great after the weekend! It was a great weekend and I look forward to more social events in the future and working with other areas.


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